Thursday, March 31, 2016

A special time....

We were able to spend some special time with Muncho Mom, Macho Man, and the Munchkins during Easter.  

The Munchkins cut the flowers from the yard for the vase on the table.

China - Charleston by Lenox, now discontinued
Crystal - Fedora by Oneida, now discontinued
Flatware - Dover Stainless by Oneida

Munchkin the Younger drew a picture for a surprise at the table!

The dining room furnishings are provided by the church for the parsonage.

We truly enjoyed our visit!!


  1. Such a pretty table setting for Easter dinner, Nellie. Your daughter and mine share the same china pattern. I love Charleston by's a timeless pattern. The flowers look lovely on the dining table. Enjoy your memories of a nice visit with family. ♥

  2. Your Muncho family is precious! I love the fresh flowers that the Munchkins so lovingly picked, and I love that their mother gave those flowers their deserved place of honor! It's a shame that these china companies feel compelled to discontinue some of their most elegant and lovely designs, but I suppose folks have gone in a more casual direction. Have a lovely day, Sister, and cherish those memories! Love you!

  3. Nellie, I like that china service. How cute that Munchkin did a drawing and picked flowers. These are good memories. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. A very elegant table setting with a beautiful simple flower arrangement.
    Very lovely.

  5. What a beautiful table! I like the perfect flowers and the art work adds a special touch. :)

  6. Very pretty table setting. I love using good china and silver ware. And I love the way hyacinths smell. I bet it was a wonderful dinner.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Very nice. More special than the elegant table, getting together with family to create wonderful memories.

  8. Beautiful Easter table. The crystal iced tea glasses are so pretty. Won't be long until iced tea and or lemonade will taste good!