Thursday, September 22, 2016

On this day.... 1908.....
                - the young girl in the picture below was born!

Several years later....

She became my mother.  Sadly, she left us in 1983, at the age of 74.  She is in my thoughts daily. Happy Birthday, Mother!

Monday, September 19, 2016

....and there was salad!

Using some of summer's favorite flavors, this salad is an excellent addition to the table.

This recipe comes from Martha Stewart.

I loved having leftovers of this one!!

Doing a "photo bomb" is a Longaberger dish of green beans.:-)

Well, I didn't make it posting about summer corn before the first official day of autumn.  Time to think of other flavors now!  What is the flavor you think about with autumn?

Serving bowl - Strawberry Fair by Johnson - now discontinued
Salad plate - Pink Dogwood Depression glass
Flatware - Chateau by Oneida

There was soup....

Continuing on my challenge of using recipes from some of my cookbooks that haven't been used in quite awhile, I took this one from the shelf....

It didn't take long to find this recipe....

Once again, this is up at the top of my list of favorites!

Do you like corn chowder?  Do you have a favorite recipe?

Before summer ends....

Are you having a good September?  Has your weather actually hinted that fall is on the way, or have you still experienced the heat of summer?  We have finally ended our string of days with high temperatures over 90 degrees!  It is probably a good idea that I post a day or two on one of Summer's highlights.

When good friends were out-of-town for a week, they asked if we would gather the produce from their garden.  Wouldn't you know it?  That was the week the corn was ready!!!!  Everybody just waits for that good fresh corn, so we picked what was ready and kept it for our friends.  Well, when they returned, they told us to keep the corn!!  

We decided to invite them to dinner where we served them all things corn!!!!

It is difficult for me to choose a favorite corn dish, but this would definitely be up at the very top!

It is a super appetizer platter!!

What is your favorite way to enjoy corn?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Rabbit, rabbit!!  August is now in the past, and we have a new month before us!

This day has a special significance in our area.  Appalachian State comes to town as the first opponent for the University of Tennessee's football season!  So - it's football time in Tennessee!!

In honor of the day, it seemed appropriate to bake some Orange Muffins!

Ready for the oven....

....and just baked!

I did omit the golden raisins in the recipe, as a matter of personal preference.

Go, Big Orange!!

Are you a college football fan?

A favorite....

From a cookbook from years ago, but still a favorite, is this....

Yes, this one has been around since the early-eighties.

A perfect choice when it's blueberry season.

It was a hit with our summer guests - the Muncho family!

We had a good blueberry harvest this season, and there are several containers in the freezer for future treats.

Do you ever go to a pick-your-own berry patch for blueberries?

Still cooking.....

Amidst this busy summer, the cooking has continued using recipes from my cookbook collection.

Today's featured book was a Christmas gift from a friend (thank you, GPW) in 1998.

One of The Husband's favorites is this one -

So - I got busy and sautéed the green pepper and onion....

Then I added the tomatoes and seasonings....

Finally it was ready for the best part....the cornmeal dumplings!

White Lily was once milled in my hometown, so it is not difficult to find that brand on our grocery store shelves.

This one for biscuits has become a historic recipe.

This is the last day of August!  Has this been a busy summer for you?