Monday, April 4, 2016

There was food....

It is a week after the fact, I know, but I do want to share the lovely meal we enjoyed with Munchomom and family on Easter.

There must be that macaroni and cheese, and this one was destined for the crockpot!  There were even bunny shapes of pasta!

Munchomom made good use of her two crockpots with pork loin in the one on the back left.  On the right front would be those Cheddar Chive Biscuits from The Pioneer Woman.  Green beans with almonds are center front, quinoa center back, and roasted sweet potatoes.  (Hey! I turned on the oven for those!):-)

Lovely decorated cookies from her kitchen....

....and a glorious gluten-free carrot cake!!  Absolutely delicious!!

China - Charleston by Lenox, now discontinued.


  1. Oh, my!!! It's a good thing I just finished lunch! Munchomom is a fabulous chef, and I'm sure you enjoyed everything she prepared, even if you did have to exert yourself to turn on that oven! LOL Have a marvelous afternoon, Sister! Love you!

  2. What a lovely feast, Nellie! It's so nice to be treated at our grown children's homes! ♥

  3. How nice to have someone do all the cooking and baking. It looks delicious.
    We went to my daughter at Easter and it was nice for me not to have to cook. I brought some wine. That was the extent of my contribution. lol.

  4. Oh my everything looks wonderful.

  5. How yummy, you know I do like gluten free things. I think that cake looks amazing. I need to make crock pot macaroni and cheese next time I have my grand sons. They told me they only like it from scratch. :)

  6. Everything looks delicious! Nice for you to have a holiday from cooking Nellie.
    Hope all well with you.
    Betty xo

  7. What a meal! Sounds delicious!

  8. Carrot cake and bunny pasta - of course! :D

  9. Oh I want to try this carrot cake! Somehow I associate carrot cake with autumn, not Easter, but of course what with the rabbits and all!

  10. More beautiful china! I love sweet potatoes. Everything looks delicious. The cake and cookies are especially tempting!