Friday, June 23, 2017


"Discontinued."  How do you feel when you see that designation, particularly if it is labeling a favorite product at the grocery store?  I came across some discontinued items at a nearby supermarket recently.  While they are not items I purchase on a regular basis, I was inclined to add them to my cart, especially when I noticed these....

I knew The Husband would be very happy with the Shelly Beans, and who can refuse pasta - or anything - with pesto! Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey is non-dairy!

I find I'm very happy if I am able to find those shells for stuffing! Then there was linguini - in a shorter size that is supposed to be a better fit in the pot when cooking!  Sea salt pretzels....such a tasty snack.

It was this one, though, that brought a big smile to my face!  This macaroni and cheese has the name I am called by the Munchkins!!  While I cook practically all our meals from "scratch," I thought it would be fun to have this in the freezer.     
There was some exciting mail in the box recently!  Susan Branch has reissued some of the charms that had been sold out for awhile.

Do you see that cute sticker on the box?

This is the one I needed..... complete my bracelet!
Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without that usual food....

Lunch with my cousin at The Egg and I.....

......a poached egg and Canadian bacon on a croissant....

......and a Cranberry Orange scone for a special breakfast treat!
Enjoying that good food means this is even more necessary....

Do you wear an activity tracker?

I know the "perfect goal" is to reach 10,000 steps, but this is the best I've been able to do thus far.
We have reached another Friday, and I'm looking forward to watching this that is listed on the schedule for our PBS station....

Perhaps I will get an idea or two of something to bake!:-)

Have a good week-end!


  1. Nellie, I must be very old...cause I do not need a fit bit...once my ankles start hurting, I know I have walked enough for that day. LOL I will try unusual things if the price is right, then if you feel you do not like it...never buy it again. I am assuming that discontinued must mean that product isn't selling as well as expected, so the companies are no longer going to make that item. The Egg and I's food looks good. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Good morning, Sister! What I find even more distressing is a "discontinued" sign on the shelf, and NO MORE LEFT for me to get! I do tend to pick up several when it's something I use, and then I look for a space to put it all away in my cabinets! Your Susan Branch items are always unique and cheery, so I'm sure you'll enjoy that charm a lot. Enjoy your day, and be sure to share any ideas you might get from that show tonight! Love you!

  3. Your bracelet is wonderful. I like that and I do not like when products I like and use become discontinued.
    I got my fit bit tracker for Christmas and I have got something like over a million steps since then. I got some kind of badge that said I had walked the whole length of Italy. So I have really enjoyed mine. I get 10,000 most days well until this week with 110-113 temps. Only a couple of times this week. I love mine.
    Stay cool Nellie,

  4. The word "discontinued" sometimes shatters my heart into little pieces. Your bracelet is adorable.


  5. I always break spaghetti and linguine in half before cooking.
    Love your bracelet.
    I have a Striiv which keeps tract of my steps which I have on me at all times.
    I'm in a challenge this year where we walk at least 15017 steps every day. As of today I'm in 7th place out of 72.

  6. Hello Nellie! I love all the SB charms on your bracelet! I have the first charm that she released. Hope your week is off to a great start! P.S. It's so nice to see you on Instagram. Take care. xx

  7. I Iove my FitBit. Wear it every day. After all I have had in my life the last year I only have made it to 10000 twice. BUT I can and do hit 7000-9000 usually.
    Love the poached egg and Canadian back but if it were I, I would ask for anything than a croissant.

    I thought that was a Pandora bracelet at first but I see certainly that is is another pretty one.

  8. Oh and is Bush's discontinuing Shellie beans? That is a TRAGEDY.

  9. Your bracelet is wonderful. I like that and I do not like when products I like and use become discontinued.