Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I just recently learned that my state - Tennessee - ranks at the very bottom in voter turnout! That is not a distinction that brings a feeling of pride! 

We have early voting here.....

This tells you what we did earlier today!  Be sure you exercise your right to vote!!


  1. Good for you! We always enjoyed voting early when we lived up there. Down here, though, the only way to vote early is by absentee ballot, and we don't really care to do that. Sadly, our polls are never crowded, but I'm not sure where Mississippi ranks on that list. We should always exercise our right to have our voices heard! If we don't, then we should just not complain about who wins what election, IMO. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister! Love you!

  2. Low voter turnout is a nation wide scandal and we have low voting numbers here in California too. I do wish we required voter ID (I show my ID at various places during the week, including at the bank) and that seems reasonable.

  3. It's concerning the apathy that runs to the polls, Nellie. Good for you getting out early. That's what we do as well. Exercising our right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. ♥

  4. Nellie, Some times I just do not even want to vote....but I sure do. I feel like I have the right to gripe if I vote. I use to vote for the best fellow, then it was the lesser of two it's issues.So sad. Blessings to you for getting your vote out there. :):) xoxo, Susie