Monday, January 28, 2019

Passing quickly....

This month is passing quickly!  Before this time next week, we will be in a new month!  There have been several things that have contributed to making January special.

Some of you may have mentioned a word that you would apply for yourself during 2019.  I have rarely settled on a word/expression for myself for the year.  However, this year something seems to be nudging me toward a special word - gratitude!  While walking through Bed, Bath, and Beyond recently, this coaster was just sitting on the corner of a table as I passed.  It was the only one with this inscription!  It seemed to have been placed there for me!  Then, in some unsolicited material that arrived through the mail, I found this -

I apologize for the glare.  Thankfully, I didn't choose photography as my means of livelihood!  That would have been all uphill for certain.  At any rate, I have determined that gratitude will be my major thought during 2019.

While not every day, that Gratitude Journal is receiving entries!

Thank you so much for following along.  Those of you who wish may find me on Twitter daily, as well as the occasional entry on Instagram!

Enjoy the quickly passing days that remain in January!  There is still time to make some special January memories!


  1. I think you are right, someone up there is nudging you to be grateful. I have a saying that goes like this. A grateful heart is a happy heart.
    Have a happy day and a grateful year.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I forgot to mention that I'm not on Twitter, Instagram of. I'm trying to be less on social media these days. I'm only on Blogger because my daughter wants to read my

  3. I am not on Twitter but I do go on IG on occasion.
    I am grateful for all that the years have brought me, too. It is easy to find little things to be grateful for (even during bad times) if we are willing to look for them. xo Diana

  4. Nellie, you always post such lovely thoughts of gratitude on Twitter. I'm always happy to read from a grateful heart. Have a good week, my friend. ♥

  5. It easy to be happy when you are grateful. :)
    I'm not on Twitter or IG or FB either. Blogging is the only one I do.
    Nice to see you posting again. I didn't realize you were back.

  6. Sister, you know that my January has brought many uncertain times for my husband and me. Through it all, though, we've found God to be faithful in each part of our lives, and that makes me VERY grateful! He cares about the least of us and knows all we're going through, and that's hard for my pea brain to fathom, but I'm still grateful for all His blessings! Love you!