Thursday, February 18, 2021

In the kitchen....

 ....that’s where I’ve been!  The long absence in posting on the blog might indicate that I somehow became stuck behind the stove. LOL  Never fear; all is well.

This may....or may a long post, full of pictures, and “peppered” with a little dialogue.

As we continue to follow pandemic protocol, we’ve been staying home.  For almost the past year (this is Day 344), we have kept ourselves out of stores and the general public.  I have filled my time with efforts in the kitchen....such as these:

 Cook once, eat least!  From a Sunday roast chicken came these two more meals....chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pie.  Even the cranberry casserole was worthy of an encore!  

Using a recipe of several years ago from the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, TN, this has become a new addition to our favorites.  It was the perfect addition to our Sunday roast beef dinner!

Then, that Sunday roast beef reappeared as a classic “leftover....”

Beef and gravy over mashed potatoes with peas on the side!  True comfort food, and a perfect example of that “Cook once, eat twice” philosophy.  

While not huge professional football fans here, I will confess that we watched a bit of the Super Bowl.  It was a perfect excuse for some special snacks.
Cheese tortellini and ground chicken meatballs for dipping in marinara sauce, along with lightly steamed cauliflower and carrots for dipping, too!  Some strawberries and chocolate, also for dipping!  Some of these “leftovers” reappeared as this:

The tortellini and meatballs, blended together with more marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, created a dinner later in the week. 

There is still more, though I will save it for another time.  

I hope you are continuing to be well.  Double-masking is the order of the day, and that’s a policy we follow even when we only go for curbside pickup....and definitely also when we go for medical appointments.  The good news is that we’ve been able to receive both doses of the vaccine, and we plan to gradually re-enter the public in a few days when immunity is said to be effective.

Take care, and be safe and well!


  1. So many wonderful dishes here, especially that cheese tortellini. It looks like you enjoy cooking. Cooking can be a comfort at times. I enjoy baking a bit more than cooking, but I love to eat good foods. So glad you got the vaccine already and feel a little better going out in the world. Take care.


  2. Oh, Sister! My mouth is watering now, and it's still a few hours before dinnertime! I've eaten so much of your cooking through the years, and I know what a creative cook you are. I get my first dose of the vaccine tomorrow, but there have been times when I had to get out of my car and go into a store, always wearing a mask. So far, so good! Stay warm and safe. Love you!

  3. You've been busy in your kitchen. I love cornbread but have never been able to make any that I like!! There always seems to be something missing in what I make!

  4. Nellie, I always enjoy seeing what's going on in your kitchen. I agree it's wonderful to cook once and eat twice, sometimes thrice! Stay warm and cozy, my friend. xo

  5. I'm so glad you've had the vaccine. That's great.


  6. Oh the food looks so appetizing but since it's Lent, it's a good thing that I can only look at it instead of feasting on it. You should write your own cookbook, Nellie. I'm sure your family and friends would really enjoy it.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Everything looks wonderful, Nellie. We had our fist shot of the vaccine and am slated for round two on this coming Thursday.
    I love that you do so much cooking and that you enjoy it. I got a small air fryer (big enough for two people) and absolutely love it and have had fun playing with recipes in it. xo Diana

  8. Oh my, your photos are so mouth watering, I could almost taste the food! 💖

  9. Hi Nellie - Everything looks DELICIOUS! I am the same way...used the Costco chicken to make soup this weekend. I got 5 quarts out of that little bird - and sadly, a neighbor is sick, so it was great to share some soup. I love leftovers...but I call them PLANNED overs - since it is just the two of us and we can never eat the entire recipe. Good for you getting both shots! We get our second this week...we do go out for groceries and supplies, but double mask and don't go to restaurants or church. SO looking forward to immunity kicking in and life getting a little more normal. Take care - hugs!

  10. Oh, mercy! I'm drooling! Everything looks so very delicious, Nellie! You've inspired me to make chicken pot pie and your corn bread looks outstanding! Yum!!!
    Good for you with the vaccine! Bill gets his 2nd one tomorrow, but I'm still trying to get one. Take care, be safe and thanks for sharing the good food pics here!