Monday, May 3, 2021

A visitor....

 Several days ago, we looked out our back door and were surprised to see this visitor....

Mr. Groundhog was happily chowing down on the dandelions and other green growth in our patio area!  He looks quite healthy and happy, doesn’t he?  He paid little attention to the spillover from the bird feeder. While he was definitely not invited, his behavior indicated that he felt quite welcome!  This is the first time we’ve seen a groundhog on our property!  I wonder where he was on Groundhog Day. :-)

I hope you are continuing to stay well.  What is your vaccination status for protection against COVID?  I am grateful for scientists daily!  Our vaccine immunity became effective on February 23, and it has made a huge difference for us!  We are continuing to wear our masks and remember social distancing while taking care of our shopping needs.  Take care, and be safe!


  1. Good early Tuesday morning, Sister! I was about to head for bed when I remembered that I hadn't checked for a new blog post lately. Your visitor looks quite comfortable and very well-fed! I hope he does no damage to your yard. I've been fully vaccinated since March 19, but I still wear a mask when I'm out and about. I suspect that will be a habit for many more weeks to come. Enjoy your new-found freedom! Love you!

  2. You are very kind to this uninvited visitor. The are a nuisance because they tunnel under ground and buildings and set up residence and raid the gardens.

    I still haven't had my vaccine.

    Stay well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Groundhogs can be a nuisance. Haven't seen any on our property but do see them on the way to town.

  4. He's not in the right place to be Punxsutawney Phil. I wonder what his name is. I am vaccinated--both doses, and very happy about it.


  5. What a surprise it was for you to see that little groundhog. No groundhogs here, but many squirrels come to pay a visit in the mountains where I live now. I don't really want them here, but I guess they were here first. haha

    Happy month of May, Nellie.


  6. Oh, SO cute - hope he did not do too much damage! We are vaccinated and still wearing masks and being careful, but finally went back to church and ate brunch inside !!! Better days ahead - have a great week!

  7. Hello Nellie. Is a groundhog the same as a woodchuck? I just really don't know. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Hugs. Susan

  8. I love these kinds of surprises of nature -- watching this little fellow go about his business as if he feels quite safe.

    Waiting for second shots here. Many things are still closed for now and we're wearing our masks faithfully when we go out. Slowly but surely.

  9. Mr. Groundhog looks well fed and happy! We are both vaccinated and so are our children but I worry about my young grandchildren as no vaccines for them as yet and I wish everyone would continue wearing masks. I'm reading a good book called Breaking the Code about the scientists who discovered the mRNA vaccine possibility--it has been in the works for decades and I admire their dedication