Saturday, June 4, 2022

Some favorite scenes…

 The celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee has been underway for a couple of days now.  This would be an exciting time to be in England!  

I’m remembering special sights from my recent visit to London.

The entranced to our hotel was marked by these flags.
Bicycles in place, waiting for someone to come to ride them.  This was the view while walking to Hyde Park one morning.
This is a monument in Hyde Park.
The Royal Albert Hall, across from Hyde Park.
The view from the door of our hotel.
Looking out the same front door with a slightly different angle.
Architecture on Gloucester Street across from where we were eating.
The Tower Bridge!  We boarded a ferry here and rode on the Thames River.
The view of Big Ben from the ferry.
We even rode under London Bridge!!

We were blessed to enjoy good weather while we were visiting.  

Who’s ready to join me in a cup of tea?  A scone, perhaps?  Have you made some Coronation Chicken Salad?

Wishing everyone a weekend filled with all good things!


  1. Well, Sister, it looks as though you covered all the main points of interest in London. Do you wish you were there this week to watch all these 70th anniversary celebrations? Oh, I don't think I'd want to be there now, with all the crowds I've seen thronging the streets around the palace! You've made some remarkable memories, and I'm happy for you and your daughter! Love you!

  2. Oh Nellie, lucky you, having gone to England! I'm sure all the celebrations lately have brought you back. That is great.

  3. Nellie, you saw some interesting sights while you were in London. I especially like the Tower Bridge with the sun coming through. Looks like it was a nice day. So many old buildings. You know, my church friend first introduced me to scones, and now I like them better than cakes. What a wonderful visit you had there, Nellie.


  4. What a wonderful trip, you have seen more of London than I did when I lived in England. Sadly people take all that history for granted, especially when it is just on your doorstep. Thank you for sharing Nellie.