Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A letter....

Dear Bunny Rabbit,

You are cute as you hop across our back yard.  You were even cute when we watched you taking a 
dust bath in our new strawberry patch.  However, you were not cute when you began nibbling on the sweet potato plants - AND - the new strawberry plants!  Didn't you know that The Husband put this in place to tell you to stay away?

Isn't it working?  

Well, it is our wish for you to just keep hopping!  NO DETOURS!  We are not in the mood to share things from our garden at this point!  We have left lots of clover for you - and any bees that might appear - to enjoy!

Your "friends,"
The Husband and His Wife


  1. Oh, dear! Maybe nobody ever told the bunny what that aluminum pan was for. I surely hope he hasn't eaten too much of The Husband's hard work! Have a terrific Tuesday, Sister!

  2. Nellie, I saved all my celery trimmings to give to the rabbits near where we see them to keep them away from my flowers. I only have two and a half of the wonderful petunias left...except those in big containers on the porch. Rabbits can stretch but I don't think they can climb...thank goodness. Need some rabbit fencing. Blessings to you and the mister for your brave fight. :) xoxo,Susie

  3. I've seen some youtube video where they use chicken wire fence to keep the rabbits away. They bury the bottom part of the wires on the ground so the rabbits can't dig through the mesh wire. They multiply fast. I'm think a rabbit stew would be justified. Of course, I haven't eaten rabbit since I was a little girl. Then it was a necessity now it's not.

  4. No bunnies here, just moles... Eating up the roots of my grass the little so and so's...

  5. Is there a scarecrow for bunnies? Maybe if you can have the image of an owl, a cat or a fox.

  6. I know but you have created such a delicious bunny salad bar just for me. And for my babies when I have them. Thank you. P. Rabbit.

  7. OH.NO! I think you might need to try something else. That bunny must have no fear of foil pans. Maybe you need to find a Dollar Store and get one of those plastic owls.

    My daughter has bunnies like crazy. That's one of the reasons she made a raised bed. So far, so good.

  8. I haven't seen a single bunny since I moved to Florida.


  9. Best wishes with your bunny patrol! No gardens for us this year. Last year, we had become a 24/7 salad bar for our woodland creatures. I'll be thinking good thoughts for your precious garden!

  10. I hope this letter got delivered to the right address, Nellie. :)