Friday, January 15, 2016

For this new year....

The United Methodist Women Reading Program publishes a new listing of books with each new year.

This has already been greatly used, as you are able to determine by the rolling back of the front few pages.:-)

One book listed in the program for this year is this one:

There are five categories for reading - Spiritual Growth, Leadership Development, Social Action, Education for Mission, and Nurturing for Community.  This one is from the Social Action category.

I am writing this post today in an effort to call awareness to the problem of human trafficking.  From the back cover of this book, compiled by Mary Frances Bowley, there are these words: 
"Every year over 100,000 children in the United States are forced to do someone's sexual bidding.  Most of them are between the ages of 9 and 19."

Sadly, each year, in the city hosting the Super Bowl, reported incidents of human trafficking reach a high level.  Currently, groups of United Methodist Women across the United States are opening their umbrellas symbolically offering a "white umbrella of protection and purity over these girls on the road to restoration."  

Brokenness surrounds us every day.  As you read this book, you will be inspired to do something to bring wholeness to the world!

My wishes to you for a blessed week-end! 


  1. Nellie, This is a sin all over the world. But for it to be here in our "civilized country" is a disgrace. I think that run aways are always at risk for trafficking . So sad. Is this book at our libraries? Bless all you caring ladies. xoxo,Susie

  2. Wow... it is such a sad commentary on our society. Thank you for bringing awareness to this terrible problem. I love the analogy of covering a child in the "umbrella of protection." It is a problem with boys as well as girls. My heart does not understand the minds of monsters. God help us! ♥

  3. Bless you Nellie for the work that you do. What a sad situation for these poor kids. Our women church organization are also involved in raising awareness of this problem. There's a lot of monsters out there dresses in nice clothing, driving expensive cars and living in nice big houses , living off the proceeds of Sexual Exploitation...
    It is so very sad for those kids whose are trapped in their snares. Prayers for them.


  4. Oh Nellie, I had no idea the problem was that bad in the US. That is horrible. This sounds like a very good book to read, and I'd better try to find a copy. Thanks for talking about this serious problem and for working towards doing something about it.

  5. You know, there has been a problem for centuries, with those who have power and money exploiting young people, and it's only recently that it was given the name of "human trafficking." It's a horrible sin in our society, and we all need to be more aware of the ways we might be able to help stop this crime! Thank you for bringing this book to our attention, Sister! Love you!

  6. This book is available on Amazon for those who might be interested.

  7. My heart breaks for these women. I will be looking for ways to get involved in NYC. Thanks for writing about this tragic issue.

  8. This is such a sad fact of our modern day life. Thank you for sharing details of this book.

  9. So glad you shared this Nellie. I think we need to be aware. I do love books lists.
    Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you have a great week.

  10. Nellie, I am reading this book this week. On Saturday I will join other friends at a local church to attend the book review of this book and the author will be the facilitator. I too love the idea of the umbrella and my city, Atlanta, is know to have many problems relating to sexual trafficking.