Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fashion - or necessary protection?

"The times....they are a-changin'...."  One thing is inevitable, and that is change.  Think about aprons! Once a daily necessity, how many of you rely daily on a favorite apron?

Mother wore aprons daily, as I remember.  Sister may have a different memory.:-)

These are some aprons from Mother.  The one on the right is even reversible!

This was a gift from City Girl one Christmas.  She was in Seattle five years while doing her postdoc.  

Sister brought this one back from a trip to Berea, KY.  Strawberries are a favorite of mine, and we grow blueberries, so this one is very appropriate.

Of course, these need no explanation.:-)

If I am going to be making new recipes from my cookbook library, perhaps I need to give new thought to wearing an apron.:-)  I'm hoping to feature at least one new recipe - maybe even two - from the various cookbooks that are lining my shelves weekly.  Let the cooking begin!:-)



  1. I have always loved aprons. I stayed with my grandma a lot during summers and she always wore a soft, well-worn apron. After her passing, my dad would wear one of her aprons to make his special banana pudding! I look forward to you sharing recipes! xoxo

  2. Oh, Sister! You have opened up a box of memories with this post! I do recall Mother's aprons, and also those of our grandmothers. I never wear one these days, but they would be a lovely item to collect, wouldn't they? Enjoy your cooking, and we look forward to your sharing those recipes with us. I'll bet The Husband will be happy to be your experimentation specialist! Love you!

  3. I love aprons but I always forget to put one on. I would save my clothes if I did.
    It makes me laugh to see that my girls put an apron on in the morning and leave them on all day. Just like my grandmothers did. I think your aprons are lovely as well as the memories behind them.

  4. I'm such a messy cook I always wear an apron, if I don't I wear the meal I'm cooking!!
    You have a lovely collection of aprons,,

  5. You have a lovely collection of aprons, Nellie. I always wear an apron and when I don't there is a price to pay. I'm looking forward to your new recipes. Have a lovely day! xo ♥

  6. I love the apron on the second picture best. It looks kind of autumnal.

  7. Ooh, looking forward to those recipes..
    My grandma wore aprons, she owned a bakery and confectionery shop, but even when she was at home in her kitchen she wore aprons.
    I have one hanging in my kitchen, and wear it every now and again, they sure do help with the spills :)

  8. I too love aprons, Nellie and you have quite a lovely collection there:) I've thought about collecting them but to tell you the truth, cookbooks take up much of the room in my house, lol...

    I'm so excited to hear you will be cooking from your cooking library. I hope, I hope, I hope you will be joining us for Cookbook Wednesday when you do:) As a matter of fact, this Cookbook Wednesday I'm having a Give-a-Way just in case you "need" more cookbooks, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing, Nellie...

  9. Those are great aprons. I never wear an apron. I don't even have any. I grilled burgers on Sunday and got barbecue sauce all over my favorite t-shirt. I sprayed it with stain remover and soaked it, and the red stains came out. I can't remember my mom wearing aprons.


  10. My grandmother always wore an apron. It was part of the dress code of the day. When she wasn't wearing an apron you knew she was getting ready to dress up for going out.

    I like apron and have admired so many of the new aprons out there these day ... I'm glad they are in style again. But I only own a couple ... one is a heavy fabric with in a mustard yellow background with sprigs of olive leaves and bunches of olives. I found it at the Italian store, I believe, and it always gives me a feeling of the Mediterranean when I wear it.

    Thanks for a lovely discussion about aprons.


  11. I haven't worn one in decades and the stains on my clothes certain prove it. I might need to drag one out!

  12. I have three aprons which I try to use regularly. I pick the one that best matches what I'm wearing. :) I don't bother with the half aprons anymore - only the bib type is of any use to me.