Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In the area....

While in the Biloxi/Gulfport area, we paid a visit to the Visitor's Center where we watched a video presentation regarding Hurricane Katrina.  One of the displays featured an amazing carving from some of the wood from the trees damaged by the storm.  (I hope that's correct, Sister!)

We ventured to a restaurant in the Gulfport area for lunch.

Are you able to see the tasty items on the menu?

Fried oysters and a cup of gumbo were my choices!  Wish I could have brought some back home with me.:-)

The Half Shell has a gorgeous interior.  This is an example of some of the decor.

As we are fans of seafood, we had great difficulty making selections!  Everything sounded very appealing.  

More to come....


  1. Nellie, I love the things made from the trees. Oh yes, I love seafoods. I am going to have some crab cakes first chance I get. I like baked and broiled sea food...nothing fried. Grilled is good also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I know you enjoyed yourself, Nellie. We love seafood and there seems to be a great selection on your menu. I can see you have many wonderful memories of your trip! That is really interesting artwork in your first photo. Enjoy your afternoon. ♥

  3. Good afternoon, Sister! You are correct about the carving of the horse, and there are many more carvings, some of which are from trees that are still in the ground, although they were killed by Katrina. I also enjoyed my fried green tomato BLT from the Half Shell, even though I had to bring part of it home for another serving. I would be happy to go back whenever any of your blogging friends decide to visit! There really is a lot to see and eat in this part of the country!

  4. My husband would LOVE your lunch!!! The carving is truly amazing. I'll be catching up with you soon. It's nice to have a computer again. Take care. oxxoxoxo

  5. We visit the Half Shell everytime we are in Gulfport. I love the voodoo shrimp.