Friday, February 2, 2018

How did it begin?

I recently shared that a trip to England would be tops on my list....if money were no object.  How did this interest in England begin?

Have you ever heard of literary societies?  Well, they were in existence back in the Dark Ages when I was in college.😀 At one meeting, it was my assignment to prepare a reading using this book....

The book was published in 1940, so times were very different then.  This was the first time I had known of the white cliffs of Dover, and it was really captivating to read about this woman's emotions when she first viewed them from her ship.

Then, later, a favorite author, Susan Branch, wrote this amazing book....

Isn't it beautiful?  How could one not be moved by such sights?

Well, there is no trip to England on the horizon, so I'll just have to have that taste of England here at home.

Well, the marmalade is from Scotland, but it will be delicious on those crumpets, and the Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine cup and saucer will be grand for that tea!  Isn't that a clever packaging for the that British car?


  1. Sister, as you know, our DIL has visited England on a couple of occasions, and she says it's a lovely place to visit! Enjoy your English treat and your charming books, and have a beautiful Friday. Love you!

  2. My daughter was lucky enough to visit Ireland to visit a friend. The friend's sister lived in England so they went to visit her for several days. My daughter loved it. I wish I could learn to like tea! I am a coffee drinker through and through. xo Diana

  3. I too love England from my home in America. I spent several weeks there decades ago and would love to return. Somehow I am deeply connected to that beautiful land.

  4. And we will be there again, in spirit, in May! {although I'm just next door!}
    Deb in Wales xo

  5. I would love to welcome you at any time dear Nellie - so no accommodation costs for you both. Does that help?! xx

  6. I lived in Scotland for 4 years and have been to England on a walking vacation.
    I loved both places.

  7. Oh dear Nellie, I do hope your yearning will be realized. I think you should take Rachel's generous invitation. What a sweetheart she is. xo ♥

  8. It has always been a dream of mine too. I would love to visit sometime. I think its good to have tea parties like that. When the kids were young girls and boys, we always had tea parties. I would read The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Its nice to do that. Have a lovely evening.

  9. We lived in Germany and traveled all around Europe, but never to England, I have no idea why but I'd love to travel there also. The books are great inspiration and I hope you're able to visit someday.

  10. Hello, found you through Twitter! I am of English and Scottish descent! I too, dream of going to the UK in the next few years when my husband retires. Your blog is a delight!

  11. Nellie, WE must travel to England with Susan and Joe...via the Internet ! Ha! What wonderous times we shall have...until then...I love your tea and crumpets !!


  12. Hi Nellie, thanks for your visit to my poor neglected blog. Life has been very busy for me but I'm hoping to retire this spring if things goes as planned.

    I have seen England through the eyes of of our daughter Nicole when she lived there, going to Cambridge University working on her PHd. She travelled to many places and wrote about the place she visited as well as sending lots of post cards of her many travels. Then she moved to Scotland where she became a lecturer at the University of Glasgow. I visited Scotland and it was such a beautiful country with a rich history and amazing museums, castles etc. I went with my two daughter to Glasgow for ten days and got the royal private tour. Such an amazing place to visit.

    Enjoy your English tea and crumpet.
    Hugs, Julia