Thursday, June 14, 2018

Busy times....

As is the case for many of you, times can become very busy!  That isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if the time is filled with enjoyable activities.

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you are aware of my involvement in United Methodist Women.  I have once again volunteered to be a group leader for Mission u for our Conference this summer, and that meant going for training.

Last year, my training was in Pittsburgh, but this year I was able to go to Nashville! Our site was the Scarritt-Bennett Center, right in downtown Nashville.

 Such a simple signage indicating the Center's location.
There is quite a history to Scarritt-Bennett.  When I graduated from college, this is where I would have come had I decided to pursue graduate work in Christian education.
This is the entrance to the dining hall.  I was fortunate that the dorm in which I stayed was right next door!
 This is the dormitory where I stayed.  My room was the last two windows right under that beautiful architectural bay feature!
The rooms were simple, though very adequate.  There is a shared bath between two rooms.

All buildings were constructed with crab orchard stone, an easily obtainable material in the area.  The campus has been given National Historic designation, so the beauty will not be destroyed for what is called "modern day improvements."

Scarritt Bennett is available for use to other groups, as long as they are able to fulfill this requirement.

This was only one of the UMW activities for the recent past.  More will follow.


  1. Hi Nellie,
    So nice of you to share your visit to the Scarritt-Bennett Center. It sounds like a wonderful place just over flowing with history.

    I too have become quite involved with the United Methodist Church functions. What a lovely group with such caring and giving people.

    Thank you again for sharing, Nellie...Hope all is well by you:)

    1. How very lovely to hear from you, Louise! I've thought of you often and continue to wish you well!....xoxo

  2. As a former UMC member, I have heard of this complex for most of my life, and I'm really happy that it's been designated as a Historical site to prevent its destruction by those who might not appreciate its significance. We see far too many buildings being destroyed in the name of "progress!" Looking forward to your next installment, Sister! <3

  3. Thank you Nellie. Née was just asking about you the other day. Hope all is well by you. I have good days and some not so good. The ladies at church have been such spirit lifters, lol

    Prayers always appreciated🙏

    1. Definitely prayers, Louise! I am glad you have found a group through church that will keep you lifted as well!....xoxo

  4. A beautiful building, Nellie, and architecture is so important.