Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Paper work....

Are you a fan of college basketball?  If so, be prepared for exciting times ahead!  March Madness is upon us!

This is the kind of paper work to which I refer!  Do you follow the games and fill in the brackets?

Do you have a favorite college team?  Do you agree with the #1 seed selections?  

We will be watching the games, especially those in which the #2Vols will be playing.  They are scheduled for Friday afternooon at 2:00 with #11Colgate as their opponent.

Not only will we be keeping up with the Vols, we will be watching the Lady Vols as well!

As a #11 seed, they will be playing #6 seed UCLA on Saturday at 1:00.

Living in this area, we will definitely be cheering for both the Vols and the Lady Vols as they play in the NCAA tournament!

Happy first day of spring!  Watch for that full moon tonight!


  1. I follow football but basketball not so much. We are all about the Green Bay Packers here and I can only "sport" so much. lol Have fun! xo Diana

  2. I used to watch sports when I was young and I remember watching wrestling on TV with my dad. Now, I don't watch sports of any kinds. I just don't care for all the competition that goes on between players. I did supported my kids when they played sports in school but when the big money came into play in professional sports, it totally turned me off. My husband is not a sport watcher either.
    Enjoy watching.
    Hugs, Julia

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  4. Well, Sister, you know I'm a Vol fan! GO BIG ORANGE!! Unfortunately, many of the games are broadcast on a channel that's not part of our cable package, so I just try to keep up with the scores as they're posted on Facebook. Oh, that moon last night was gorgeous!! We followed it from the time it came up till we reached our destination. Hope you're having a good day so far. Love you!