Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 If you are reading this, and follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen what I am trying to post here.  I’m not sure if this will work…..

Well, it was a video, and I’m unable to get it to post.  Here’s a still photo of our visitor late yesterday afternoon….If you have an Instagram account and want to see the video, I am in time for breakfast…

We watched him as he worked his way back and forth across the back, finally arriving at the bird feeder.  Sometimes there are two of them, and they don’t seem to be bothered in the least by any people who may be outdoors.  I took this photo through my bedroom window.

Many of you may anticipate the arrival of all things pumpkin spice around this time.  I love pumpkin spice just as much as any of you.  Sometimes we overlook the pleasure of apples!

This is a celebration of apples….before we dive into the pumpkin patch!

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn 🍂!  What do you enjoy most about this season of the year?

Be safe, and stay well!


  1. Is it a white skunk?
    I like the nice clear crisp fall mornings - perfect for morning walks. Love apples, pumpkin, and colorful leaves.

  2. Apple desserts are so yummy, Nellie. Your crisp is making my mouth water as well as your apple cake or am I seeing scones as I spy clotted cream? I enjoy the cooler temperatures along with beauty of the colorful leaves in Autumn. Our windows are open now and hopefully they will remain so! Happy Autumn, my friend! xo

  3. I'm trying to make out if it's an albino skunk. I've never seen one before. Sorry, I'm not on Instagram and can't view the video.

    I love apple deserts and yours looks appetizing. A nice cup of tea to go with it. Mmmm.

    In the fall, I like the cooler temperatures and dryer air and all the beautiful colors and pumpkin decorations and the slowing down.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Well, Sister, you know I like Autumn better than Spring, because autumn ushers in cooler temperatures, and I'm all about COOLER!! All of your treats look good enough to eat, and I'm sure they've been appreciated by The Husband. Enjoy these cooler temps! Love you!

  5. Oh, yes...Fall ! Love apples...in everything. I am so happy for the cooler weather and cozy nights. It is going to rain a lot here tomorrow so I am planning toasted cheese and tomato soup...yum. Have a fabulous Fall, Nellie!

  6. Your apple dessert looks so Yummy, Nellie. I love apple goodies in the Fall. There is a place that we visit in northern Calif. called Apple Hill. It has everything apples.....apple pie, apple doughnuts, hot apple cider, caramel apples. I won't make it this year living in the mountains, but it sure is beloved in my family. Enjoy all your goodies, Nellie. It sounds like you like to bake.....me too!


  7. What is that white critter?


  8. Nellie, everything you cook or bake looks and sounds so scrumptious! Would you please send recipe for deep dish pizza and the apple deliciousness? Thanks, Nellie! Oh, stay warm!