Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Am I the only one…

 …who buys an extra turkey breast, just to ensure there is enough leftover for other favorites?

It was a lot of chopping, ‘tis true.

Then, carefully stirring….

…while creating this pot of delicious Turkey Wild Rice Soup, a favorite here!

I will add that it was a pre-Thanksgiving treat!  We couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving around here for that turkey breast!  The bread is Cheesecake Factory, available now at my local super market!  Brown bread!  Yum!

Now the calendar has moved on, well into December!  How are things going for you now?  Are you part of the merry whirl that seems to be part of this month?  Take time to be still and silent.  It’s very good for your spirit!

Take care, be safe, and stay well!


  1. Oh, Sister! That soup looks fabulous, and I'm sure that bread was a perfect accompaniment! Now, I'm drooling; are you satisfied? Enjoy every drop. Love you!

  2. You are not the only one, dear Nellie. I bought two turkeys this year as they were .39 a pound. Your soup looks wonderful and delicious. I made turkey stock with the bones left over from our Thanksgiving turkey and made soup with the amazing gelatious stock. This afternoon I'm trying very hard to relax as I'm afraid I tend to over do. Thank you for always hitting the nail on the head for good emotional health.

    1. I’m so glad someone else does this, too! I’ve abandoned my list for the day and am reading by the fireplace!

  3. Not me, by the day after I'm tired of turkey! :)
    We have a pretty quiet Christmas here which is what we prefer.

  4. You are NOT the only one! We loved our leftovers...and since we stopped eating beef we are getting a MUCH BIGGER turkey breast for Christmas so we have lots of leftovers. Your soup looks yummy! Soup is our favorite winter meal. There is a Costco chicken in my fridge that is just about picked over that will become soup tomorrow. Have a great weekend !

  5. Turkey Wild Rice Soup - looks delicious, Nellie. The brown bread looks really good too. That would be Yummy with a dab of butter on it. Yes, it's good to be still and silent sometimes, especially during this wonderful Christmas season. We got our first snowfall, and my neighbor once told me that when the first snowfall comes everything is still for awhile, everything is quiet. It's true!

    Merry Christmas Nellie!


  6. I love eggnog. But it has so many calories... and when I buy it no-one will help me drink it. Next year I must remember to get some and try it in my coffee. That sounds like it would be really good.