Friday, January 7, 2022

Winter is here...


This was our view from our front door on Monday morning.  It didn’t linger very long, and it had all disappeared by the time the next storm arrived on Thursday.

This was the view from our front door on Thursday evening.  The lights from across the street looked really pretty in the snow.  

This wreath purchased at my UMW Craft Fair in October has been appropriate for December and on into the beginning of this new year.

We had a simple assortment of snacks for celebrating the New Year.  Ham and Swiss cheese pinwheels with horseradish mustard and meatballs for dipping in marinara are always popular choices!

Now the stockings are stored away for their appearance later this year.

There is this “Christmas leftover.”  Do you like eggnog?  We do, actually, and while I usually drink my coffee black, I have discovered that a touch of eggnog is quite tasty!

I know many areas have snow and ice.  Wherever you are, stay safe, cozy, and warm!


  1. I love eggnog. But it has so many calories... and when I buy it no-one will help me drink it. Next year I must remember to get some and try it in my coffee. That sounds like it would be really good.

  2. Such a pretty scene from your front door on Monday, Nellie! Your pretty lit wreath will brighten the January days ahead. Our daughter lives in New England and many neighbors there leave the lights on their homes and trees well into February to cheer each other during the dark nights of winter. You always present the most tempting food. Happy New Year, friend!

  3. Oh, Sister! I love eggnog, but didn't purchase any this season....we diabetics have to watch those carbs, y'know. I discovered that it makes a really tasty topping for peppermint stick ice cream, though! All your decorations are so festive, whatever the season, and these items you pictured are just a few examples of your talent. Looks like your end of town got more snow than my end did, but most of it's gone after a good day of sunshine. Maybe there'll be more another time. Hope you're having a good day. Love you!

  4. The scenery is beautiful enough for a Christmas card, the food looks tasty and the wreath is really cheery especial on cold winter months. It's perfect for your door.

    Happy New Year, Nellie.

    I've never been a fan of eggnog for some reason, so it's been a long time since I had some at my house. Maybe it's because I never grew up with it.

  5. So beautiful ! Enjoy the quiet and have a cozy day - today is our 45th Anniversary and we are not venturing out and cancelled a trip to NYC. No eggnog for us - we love hot chocolate!

  6. I used to love eggnog but lost my taste for it somewhere along the way. Love the picture from your home-what a beautiful scene. I hope you have a great week-xo Diana

  7. You got snow Nellie! It's so pretty looking out from your front door. Those meatballs with marinara look so good. And you know what? I got an eggnog coffee drink at a little coffee shop in town, and it was very different, but I liked it! Your wreath is beautiful, and perfect for the weather you are having. Our snow melted too, but we get snow from December to March up here in the mountains, so I'm sure there is more to come.

    Have a wonderful week, Nellie.