Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Beauty needed…

On this day of such sadness from the news in Texas yesterday, perhaps these following images will bring some calmness for you. 

It was necessary for me to go to New York City in order to be in place to board the ship.  There are some lovely flowers there, as well as on board the ship, then later in England and Ireland.

Daffodils were still blooming in NYC on April 30.
The tulips were also blooming!
This was a garden near the library/Bryant Park.
The next pictures are from the ship…

Fresh flowers on our dining table for every meal, and changing arrangements on the table in the center of the Grand Lobby brought special beauty!
A courtyard garden in Westminster Abbey…
This sign is for the lower picture…
This is green space in Hyde Park…
These are the wildflowers for the above sign.

The English love their gardens and green spaces!  Is nature’s beauty calming and soothing to you?  


  1. Oh I love English gardens, especially the kind of wild looking ones! :)

  2. What lovely photos, Sister! You saw a great deal of beauty on your trip, even on the ship! I do appreciate all the wonder of God's creation. We're blessed in East Tennessee with a lot of spring flowers, too, but ours are usually gone by mid-April, as you know. We now have honeysuckles blooming; do you remember how we used to pick them and ever so gently pull the bottom of a blossom so we could get that tiny drop of sweetness? I'm so glad you had this opportunity to see another part of the world. Love you!

  3. Yes, nature is calming and soothing, Nellie. Those red tulips are lovely as ever, and I like all the pink at the table. And that peacock! So glad you have special memories of your trip that will take you into the Spring and Summer months.