Saturday, March 4, 2023

Before and after…

 This is looking down our street before the wind and rain began…

While we did have some rather strong winds, along with some heavy rain, the “after” picture would look the same.

The trees in bloom on property behind ours.
There are signs all around that spring is coming.  It seems a little early to me.  We have had a late frost/freeze that damaged blossoms in the past.  

While many are dealing with snow and ice, we have sunshine and temperatures in the sixties.  

Did March come in like a lion or a lamb where you are?


  1. Well, Sister, on my end of town, we had lots of wind but not much rain, and when I looked outside this morning, all I saw were the flowers in the bed in front of my apartment building, and they looked undisturbed. I know about those "early springs" we've had, and I remember some really big snows we've had after those springs! We really haven't had much winter yet, so it's not too late. I'm not holding my breath for a snow, though. I've learned that we just take what comes, and we're grateful that our weather isn't as bad as in some parts of our nation. Many tornadoes, lots of flooding, and deep snowfalls in places that rarely see any of the white stuff. Yes, I'm thankful! Love you!

  2. March came in like a lamb here but the lion came a couple of days later!!! :) Heavy winds, ice, snow, power outages and no internet!

  3. Wow, you are expecting temps of high 70's today! It's still snowing here. Nel even got some snow in So Cal! California is having a lot of snow right now. The purple flowers are so pretty. I'm glad you are getting some rain. That's always needed. It looks like you live somewhat in the country? Have a pleasant week, Nellie. Glad to see your posts lately. : )


  4. It came in like a lamb, and the daffodils are open...but snow on the way so I hope they make it !!! Your hyacinths are beautiful...I can almost smell them !

  5. thanks, Nellie, for visiting my blog Accidently Aging. It's good to visit yours. my niece and nephew live in Midway, tn. in the eastern part of the state (near greenville). She works at the Andrew Johnson house as a curator.