Tuesday, March 21, 2023


 While the calendar tells us we are now in the season of spring, the outside temperature isn’t cooperating…

We have had more nights of below freezing temperatures, and I’m not sure the blueberries will recover.  They had just begun to bloom.

I may have included a post with pictures of the amaryllis that was in bloom into January.  We are still on that “amaryllis watch.”  Look at this!

New green leaves have sprouted!  This is after another leaf kept growing and gave us another stem of blossoms.  What do you think will happen here?  I will keep you posted!

Are there springtime flowers blooming where you are?


  1. It's been cold here too but during the sunny days, the snow slowly is melting and tulips leaves are growing on the south side of the house.

    Your Amaryllis is doing great. I've never grown an Amaryllis before so I can't tell you how the behave.
    I hope your blueberries will survive this crazy weather.

  2. Spring has not quite arrived here yet, but it won't be long.
    Maybe more blossoms!!

  3. Well, Sister, my "spring" has begun much as yours has, with blossoms that came out during the last days of winter. So far, they're surviving quite well, and I hope they haven't gotten their little noses pinched too badly. My Amaryllis never lasted as long as yours has! Must be the "green thumb" missed me?? Love you!

  4. Here on the west coast we have early Spring flowers blooming....crocus and daffodils mainly. The rest of Canada is still fairly snowy.
    Your Amaryllis just may be sprouting another flower stalk!!

  5. We thought that Winter was having an early farewell back in late February, but now the cold is back.
    Hopefully this weekend will warm back up, but it comes with a side- dish of heavy rain and severe weather, of which, I'm not a fan. Yes, we have daffodils and hyacinths in bloom, even after a heavy freeze.
    Yours are so encouraging.

  6. The season of spring has not yet started to show up here just yet, but it won't be much longer. We had two sunny days.

  7. We're slowly warming up around here. Today we're hovering around freezing so not as warm as yesterday. Wishing you a beautiful day, Nellie!

  8. No flowers blooming here yet, Nellie. It's still very cold, and we may have more rain to come. I'd love to see your Amaryllis when it blooms. Sounds like you are having some cold weather still as well.

    Have a pleasant week, Nellie.


  9. Our daffodils are on the verge of blooming. Hope your blueberries are okay.

  10. Oh no, don't let the blueberries perish! Love those things. And, they are so good for you.

  11. Spring has come to the farm. I too hope it sticks around after all the false starts. Hope your blueberries are OK. B

  12. Hi Nellie....The yellow daffodils are out here in Western Massachusetts. Waiting for tulps and lilacs. The trouble is, like where you are, one day it's spring, then winter comes back, then spring again, and on and on. I think the flowers are confused!