Tuesday, April 25, 2023

This happened…


                                                       A special lunchtime dessert….
                                                       Small Town Girl, aka City Girl celebrated with the loveliest cake!
                                                       This Susan Branch mug is perfect for today!

Our oldest shares my birthday!  Today we celebrated another year!  Now looking forward to another one coming in a year!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your daughter. What a pretty cake...
    I hope it's a perfect day for both of you.
    Hugs, 🎂💐🎉

  2. A very special Happy Birthday to the two of you.

  3. How special to share Mother/Daughter birthdays!! The cake is lovely and I like the Susan Branch mug! I hope your day was super special.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mom and Daughter!! Cake looks scrumptious, and I'm sure it was greatly enjoyed and admired....but not admired for too long before being enjoyed. Love both of you bunches!!

  5. Happy YOU Day - wishing you many birthday blessings all year long!

  6. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter, Nellie! The desserts look wonderful! And I love your Susan Branch cup.

    Have a good Spring week ahead, Nelli. It's been warm all week, but supposed to have some rain next week.


  7. Happy birthday, I am an April baby too.