Saturday, November 30, 2013

Requests - and a giveaway!

Happy Saturday to you!  I hope this last day of November has something good for you to enjoy.

I have a couple of requests for you.  First, NanaDiana, a follower of this blog, and a blogger herself, has a precious little grandson, CJK, who is very ill.  He has been hospitalized this week as the medical team has attempted to discover the cause of his illness, then determine a course of treatment.  Please keep this little one, as well as all the family, in your prayers.

Second, Country Man's plane left at 6:45 this morning.  He is on his way to Honduras on a mission trip and will be away until next Friday.  Please remember him and the rest of the mission team (8 of them) in your prayers.

Now - to the giveaway!

It was December 1, 2011 when I began this blog.  Tomorrow will mark my second anniversary of blogging!  In honor of this occasion, I am having a giveaway of this:

A Mini-Wall Calendar!

Yes!  It is a Susan Branch mini-wall calendar!  It measures seven inches square.  If you are interested in entering this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog between now and Thursday, December 5, 2013.  On that evening, I will draw names of those of you who have entered and post the winning name on Friday, December 6, 2013.    

Thank you for reading   I really appreciate your comments. 


  1. I will keep CJK in my heart and thoughts hoping that he will get better soon. Kids getting sick turn our lives upside down. It is so stressful.
    I hope Country Man will have a nice trip to Honduras.
    Happy birthday to your blog, dear Nellie.
    I love that cover. It brought me back to my childhood for a few seconds.
    Stay well.

  2. My prayers for CJK goes out to the Devine Healer for a complete healing. May God guide the doctors in finding a course of treatment. This must be a very stressful time for everyone in that family.

    Nellie, I pray that your husband will have a safe trip to Honduras and back.

    God bless.

  3. Prayers for CJK and Country Man and the mission team!

    I can't believe November is ending already. These past 11 months have been a blur!

  4. I am praying for the little guy and all of his family!!

    The calendar is very pretty!!

  5. I am praying for the little guy and all of his family!!

    The calendar is very pretty!!

  6. I've kept the prayers going ffor little CJK too and will continue until you say he is all better. I'm adding prayers for the safety of the mission team. What a pretty calendar. You can enter my name in the drawing if you wish. That would be lovely.

  7. I will certainly be praying for the family of NanaDiana, that the diagnosis will be simple to pin down and treatment will be successful. Country Man and his mission team are also in my prayers, for both safety and success in their objectives and safety as they travel. He has such a good heart for helping others, and I'm sure he'll be an asset to the team. I hope you are having a good Saturday, dear Sister! We have finally returned from our travels, so I can hopefully be a more consistent reader and commenter for the next several weeks! :-)

  8. Prayers all. Including the family members that wait..

  9. Oh Nellie."my prayers continue for Diana's grandson and their family. Also, will be praying for your husband and the others on this trip.

    Can't believe it,s been two years since you started your blog! I so enjoy it and finding you can be nothing but a godsend!

    Oh, I would love to win thank lovely SB calendar!!


  10. Awww, praying for the family. Poor little guy.

    Susan Branch is amazing. I have never been able to track down her calendars.