Thursday, November 21, 2013

The night before....

I am lagging behind just a little bit with the topic of this post as the full moon was this past Sunday night.  We knew for several days beforehand that we would probably have cloudy skies and rain, thus no visibility for the moon. 

So - the night before I took these pictures.

You can tell it is still daylight.

Tried for a better close-up setting.

Because of the excessive rainfall we have had during this year, we have had cloudy skies more often than not when the moon was to be full.   This time, the night after was nice and clear.  This is the view we saw at about 7:30 on Monday evening.

I thought it was interesting to see it through the tree!

Our skies have been clear since Sunday, with good sunshine.  According to our forecast, however, that is going to change!  Rain is expected on Friday, followed by wintry temperatures into the next week.  It sounds like it will be a cold Thanksgiving around here!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. The moon was really awesome for a few days here last week. I tried to get some pictures with my phone but they didn't show up very well. I love these captures though.

  2. Those are awesome pictures, Nellie. I love moon shots. We have had cloudy skies all week and they are predicting some snow tonight- ugh- xo Diana

  3. We have a lovely, gloomy, rainy day today. It is wonderful. I tried to get good shots of the moon the night it was full like you did. Mine didn't come out as good as yours. It was sure a bright, white moon.
    Have a wonderful Thursday.

  4. I've been loving how the moon looks lately. Love the first photos.

    Stay warm and cozy my friend!


  5. I missed the "beaver" moon the other night Nellie. I'm delighted to see the shots you caught especially the one with the tree!

    Thank you so much for sharing..

  6. Those are really great photos Nellie!

  7. You made a preemptive decision to "shoot the moon!"

  8. Hi Nellie , great moonshots , I'm pinning the moon shot with the tree , thanks for sharing :)

  9. When you were shooting the moon, it looks like you shot right through the tree. lol...

    The moon was way uo in the bright starry sky this morning when I went to the barn. It lit my way as if it was day.

    Take care,

  10. I'm loving your moon pictures, the shot through ther tree branches spectacular !
    I love how a full moon makes the night garden magical :)

  11. Nice moon photos.
    I took one the other morning in a bright blue sky!!

  12. Nellie, The best moon photos I can take are at daylight. LOL. Today we had rain..all dreary. Hope we get some sunshine soon. xoxo,Susie

  13. One of Josie's favorite stories is Arnold Lobel's Owl & the Moon. When ever I see the full moon, I think of our special story. Get ready for winter temps. We're definitely hoping for a white Christmas this year in West MI.

  14. Well, this is very strange. I know I made a comment earlier in the day, but it is not showing here...hmmmm...anyway, I love your moon shots! I have some friends who have really elaborate cameras, and they can get shots that show the actual craters that make up the "man in the moon," but I'm sure I'll never have one of those! Good night, now! :-)