Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quote for the day....

                                       "That's March!"

                                                       - The Husband, 2014

Complete with illustrations!

March 25 - 5:30 p.m.

Snow on the garden.

Snow on the trees.
We had near blizzard conditions for awhile on Tuesday afternoon.  The snow was coming down sideways!  The wind had been fierce much of the day, along with falling temperatures. 

Shortly after the above pictures were taken, the sun appeared, just at the time it would be setting!  The snow that was on the garden spot disappeared. 

We have a couple of peach trees that have had blooms.  The blueberries have had buds.  Last night's hard freeze (predicted 22 degrees F low temp) was not welcome!:-(   We may be buying our blueberries this summer and looking for good peaches!

The bunnies from yesterday's post are just going to have to wait awhile longer for spring weather to really arrive!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments. 


  1. The pictures are lovely, but it's a good thing the sun finally came out! We didn't get any accumulation here at all, but the wind blew the flurries around viciously for a while. Hopefully, you will still have some good blueberries and peaches later on....we'll just hope for a new blooming. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister!

  2. Be grateful:) We have feet left..Oh lala!

  3. we only got a dusting! it is going to warm up and rain is on the way. i think spring is about to explode!

  4. Spring is really here Nellie, I feel it in my heart!

  5. Did you ever read Farmer Boy? Do you remember when they got late season snow, his Dad called it good? I think because it added moisture. I hope your blossoms didn't freeze nor your berries.
    I hope it melts fast.
    It still is pretty.

  6. Sure doesn't look like Spring in these photos! Hoping you only have a slight delay and not serious damage. Stay warm!

  7. Yikes. We haven't had buds to spoil. I really hope your late storm hasn't ruined your fruit.

  8. It's been a long, cold winter this year Nellie, let's hope this last cold snap is all there is.
    Buds in bloom and now frozen :(
    Stay warm !

  9. It seems like spring will never get here!!

  10. It's still snowing and blowing here. No Spring in sight!

  11. Amazing, wasn't it??? I don't know what we got here at home --but we were hiking at Amicalola Falls State Park --and it snowed down there and was blowing sideways. The wind was fierce.... Unbelievable.....

    We got home today--and our flowers are fine (thank goodness)... Don't think we got any frost --which is good....


  12. You have the same wonderful weather we do, Nellie...sadly! At least nothing here has bloomed or budded yet so we won't have lost any crops (yet). This has been a long, strange winter- xo Diana

  13. I hope that your berries and peaches will be alright. We are digging out from this last snowstorm too.

    The sun is bright and the wind is still blowing today.
    In like a lamb and out like a lion.

  14. I was marveling at the sideways snow!!!