Saturday, November 28, 2015

A treat for all seasons....

Yes, Santa has made his appearance here.  Looks like he has brought along some tasty goodies!

I clipped this recipe from the local newspaper several years ago.  As you read it closely, you will be able to see that it appeared in the fall, rather near Halloween!  It can easily be adapted for other seasons.  In the spring, Annie's Bunnies would be good to add, and pastel-colored M & Ms would work nicely.  I leave out the chocolate Teddy Grahams at that time, as I do at Christmas.  I have also found that it works best to omit the raisins and miniature marshmallows.  

After our guests left, Santa's goody jar was once again empty.:-(  Probably for the best.:-)

Slightly fewer than four more weeks!  That is, if you're counting!:-)


  1. Deeeelightful! I would add some dark chocolate M & Ms in Christmas colors for now, but they would not last very long! Have a marvelous Monday, Sister! Love you!

  2. What a fun mix. I'm always looking for treats to share with my husband's staff in their teacher's lounge. Happy "almost" December.

  3. Pretzels with a nice beer, smarties with a glass of milk.

  4. That looks pretty good but I think I would like the marshmallows in it. : )

  5. Your house guest will be well treated.

  6. I still have Halloween candy in my glass pumpkin cookie jar. At least I haven't been stuffing it in my mouth. When it's gone, if it ever is, I'll buy Christmas M&Ms to put in a cute glass Christmas jar.


  7. That would be a big hit around here, especially with the grands.

  8. My son won this huge, I mean huge jar of M&Ms. I need to use them up, this would be a great idea. Thanks!