Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Before Christmas.... was a busy time in the kitchen.

Chocolate Trees (Land o' Lakes recipe)
Eggnog Cookies (can't remember source)
Red Velvet Thumbprints (Betty Crocker)

Lots of cookie baking!

Some of them made it to the cookie tray!  Others on the tray, on the left - Holiday Snowballs; toward the center back - Sugar Cookies (dipped in chocolate).  On the right is a reindeer gingerbread cookie. His feet are white from landing on snow-covered roof-tops!:-)  I hope that reindeer found your roof-top, whether or not there was snow on it!


  1. Everything looks so festive and yummy, and I'm sure all who sampled those cookies had a hard time deciding on their favorite. You have been busy, Sister, and I hope you're taking some time to rest now! Love you!

  2. Your Christmas baking looks so festive. I'm with Glenda, I think you need to rest now.


  3. You're such a busy woman, Nellie! Happy New Year to you!