Monday, February 22, 2016

Did you ever.... down ingredients for a recipe and not include the instructions?  Or - even the name of the recipe?

In my seemingly never-ending task of straightening and sorting through all these loose papers in my possession, I came across this one.  Noticing that two of the ingredients have to do with chocolate, I very wisely deemed it worthy to try!

So - remembering the steps that I go through when baking bread (sometimes) - I proceeded to treat this as though it were Chocolate Bread!  Who can go wrong with Chocolate Bread?!?  Just think of all the possibilities!:-)

The dough just made and ready to set aside for rising.

The dough after rising.

Out of the oven!

Sliced and ready to serve!

The Husband found it particularly tasty with peanut butter!

I will be rewriting this one in a more correct form! 


  1. How can you go wrong with chocolate? I'm with The Husband on this one, and you are very wise to keep it in your files for all the chocolate lovers in your family! Sure wish I were there to sample it and give you my "expert" opinion! HA!!! Have a terrific Tuesday, Sister! Love you!

  2. Yes, I have. : )
    Right, how can you go wrong with chocolate!! It looks delicious!!

  3. The proof is in the chocolate bread. I never seen a chocolate bread recipe before today.
    Enjoy a slice to test it of course.

  4. Nellie, you have outdone yourself. I can't wait to see your recipe with instructions...Yummy, I'm sure! Have a lovely day. ♥

  5. Oh yummy! I would never think to eat it with peanut butter.
    That is something I have never made is chocolate bread. It looks like a nice recipe.

  6. Yes, I have written many "recipes" without the names or directions--thank goodness my Mother can usually come to my rescue