Friday, June 17, 2016

Never too old.... enjoy a story about Peter Rabbit!

I recently became aware of this appealing book.  Written by Emma Thompson, there is even a CD included with the story being read by the author!

From the front.... the very back.... will find a delightful story unfold...

....complete with wonderful illustrations!

I'm really happy to have this addition to my bookshelves!


  1. That looks like such a charming book, Sister! Great addition for anyone's shelf, I think! Have a fabulous Friday! Love you!

  2. Beatrix Potter is a favorite of mine as well, Nellie. Her illustrations and attention to detail is so charming. I will never forget her lovely home, Hilltop. She had a great influence in the development of the National Trust properties in England. She was quite ahead of her time. ♥

  3. A great book for anyone's collection. Love the illustrations.

  4. Wow - I hadn't heard of this. I have to tell our children's librarian!