Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More from the museum....

Continuing on with the displays at the Children's Museum, these exhibits indicate what life was like in Oak Ridge during the early forties.

Eventually the public became aware of the role Oak Ridge played during World War II.

There is more fun for children, and I want to share it with you next.


  1. Very interesting, Nellie! I looked back on your other posts and it looks like a great educational place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Before I go on, I want to mention that my fingers somehow found the wrong keys yesterday, and I said "Lost you" instead of "Love you!" I don't think I've lost you, and I hope it will be a very long time before that happens! LOL It's interesting to read about the things that these families didn't have, such as TV or air conditioning. That was true of most homes in that area during those years, with TV coming along in the early '50s and a/c coming along several years later than that. Those people were very much shut off from the world, though, and I'm sure they were happy when they were allowed to move around and mingle with the rest of the public. Very interesting, Sister, and I thank you for taking us along on your visit! Love you!

  3. Nellie, This is so interesting. I liked the living quarters...But I would not like the secrecy. Our first ever toaster, because it was out dated ,it was given to us, only toasted one side of the bread. LOL..Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Very interesting, Nellie. It's nice to see the furnishings of that time. The Christmas decorations and cards are charming. The Comesto houses are something I've never heard of before. Have a great evening. xo ♥

  5. Would love to visit.. This is my kind of Museum. Thanks for the posts.

  6. Hi Nellie,
    First of all, thank you for answering my I-pad question. I think I'm going to give it a try. I suppose if I have to go back to my computer the least I can do is keep up with other bloggers.
    My husband is a history buff and he was telling me a little bit about Oak Ridge. Very interesting. We might have to visit this museum some day.

    Cindy Bee