Tuesday, February 5, 2019


How many of you have a mat at the entrance to your home?  Is it a plain one, or does it have some words?  Does "Welcome" appear on it?

Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality?  On this pillow is the word "welcome."  If a guest reaches this point, he/she has already been invited to enter, as this is past the welcome mat at our front door.

Of course, our Turquoise Table efforts are "on vacation" during these cold, wintry times.  They will begin again when the weather warms.

A gift from a friend, expresses perfectly how we extend hospitality.

It is our desire to create a larger table and be bridge builders!  Creating community!  Extending hospitality!

How do you extend hospitality?  Who is welcome at your door?


  1. Hi Nellie, I learned about the pineapple being a symbol of hospitality on a tour once. My daughter and I toured an old house that had pineapple carvings in wood around the stairwell. So pretty. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love your sweet welcome pillow with the pineapples,Nellie. I have a pineapple flag hanging outside of our home right now and love the symbolism it expresses. There is a welcome mat at our breezeway door that says welcome as well. Love your hospitality post, my friend. xo ♥

  3. Sister, if I dared put a mat at our door, these Gulf breezes would blow it right away! We welcome most folks who knock at our door, and soon, most of those folks will be affiliated with a home health agency! I still love your turquoise table and look forward to hearing about your events that welcome your neighbors to your home. Love you!

  4. What a nice thought. I love your table and your cups. So many good thoughts here. Have a nice evening

  5. Your hospitality is second to none, of this I am certain Nellie. Yes, I learned about the pineapple in Colonial Williamsburg {a favourite place}

    ~~~Deb in Wales~~~

  6. I like seeing the pineapple design on wooden bedposts, etc., from the colonial times. It's attractive.