Monday, February 11, 2019

It's time....

Wow! February is speeding right along!  It's time to bring out the cheerful red again!

Yes, it's time for those cheerful Valentine mugs!  I remember the source of many of these, gifts from students while I was teaching.

Always, this special book from Susan Branch is front and center.

The Valentine tree, aka the Tree of all Seasons, is trimmed and ready!

It even appears that the Christmas amaryllis is going to get in on the action, too!  You saw this earlier during Christmas when it was sporting beautiful blossoms.

A bowl of cheery shapes and colors sits as the centerpiece on the table.

Do you do special decorating for Valentine's Day?  This is the sweetest month!


  1. I love your tree and those sweets in the dish on your table, Sister! I think I saw a Garfield mug in the first picture, too, and he's one of my favorite people of all time! When I was still working, I enjoyed decorating my cubicle for different occasions, but I don't do much decorating these days except at Christmastime. I do have a Valentine wreath that our daughter-in-love brought for Allen's door at the rehab center to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and it's displayed in an appropriate place to be appreciated. You always have such neat ideas! Love you!

  2. I love your happy gifts and decorating. I used to decorate lots more than I do now. I have somethings out. Not much. Have a lovely day.

  3. I have stopped decorating for all special occasion as it's has become such a marketing thing. Like your sister Glenda, I now mostly decorate for Christmas but I'm planning on cutting down on that also...
    I hope the sun was shining over your place today.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Nellie, I love all the pretty coffee mugs. My daughter gets teacher gifts also. She says she love each one and I have seen some from many years ago in her decorating. :) I saw that Kathy's (Life thru my bifocals) amaryllis has bloomed and it looks the same color as yours. Nellie, thank you for that sweet card. I got it in the mail today. We truly appreciate your prayers and good wishes. Ted is still in remission and slowly improving everyday. God is good. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo, Susie

  5. I love it that you have a Valentine tree! I keep a tree up with lights all year in my office, but I don't decorate it.


  6. What fun that you are all decorated for Valentine's Day!!! I didn't do anything this year--just no time. I hope you have a really great week- xo Diana

  7. Nellie, your mugs are darling reminders of your sweet students and your teaching days. Your tree looks so festive and is a nice reminder of Valentine's Day and remembering those we love. Your centerpiece is a nice as well. Happy Valentine's Day! xo ♥

  8. What lovely displays, Nellie. I guess the amaryllis was after a piece of Valentine's Day attention after all. Happy Valentine's Day!

    ~~~Deb in Wales~~~

  9. I like your cheery bowl of shapes and colors!