Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Many of you know that I have had a great love of books for my lifetime!  During this season, The Husband and I have been sharing in some special Lenten devotional reading.

Also, we're involved in reading portions of the gospels daily, then participating in a study with others from our church on Wednesday evenings.  Tonight, we're going to try to participate using Zoom.  Have any of you ever had experience with that app?

Are you staying well?  Have you adjusted your routine schedule for being out in public?  Be safe!


  1. Good afternoon, Sister! I've tried to carefully maintain my usual schedule, but found it altered FOR me by another entity today! Went to visit my husband in the nursing home and found a sign on the door stating that only authorized medical personnel would be allowed to enter. So, I left some items with a supervisor who met me at the door, turned around and came home. So far, I'm washing my hands as usual and trying to use common sense. Take care of yourself! Love you!

  2. I've never heard of zoom.
    I just continue as usual, washing my hands often and keeping them away from my face.
    We are off to church for Wed prayer service in just a few minutes.

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