Thursday, March 26, 2020

What are you doing?

As I post this, The Husband and I are on our 14th day of self-imposed isolation, one of our actions to avoid the Coronavirus that is causing such difficulties across our nation and the world.  We are grateful that we are feeling all right at this point, and I hope all is well with you.

Our grocery shopping decision is to go with Instacart.  While there is, of course, an extra expense to this option, it seems very worth it to us if we are able to stay healthy.  Once the order is delivered, then the disinfecting begins as we wipe everything that is coming into the house with a disinfecting wipe.  I just viewed a discussion on bringing food into the house from elsewhere, and we'll begin to add an extra step or two.

We have made no intentional plans to gather in small groups, even while practicing social distancing. Needless to say, life has changed a bit, not only for us, but for many!

Filling the time has never been a problem for me, and I recently took awhile to work on a different project.  I took pictures along the way, and I will share them with you.  I am posting this from the iPad, which sometimes works just fine, and sometimes it doesn't!  I won't be adding any more script to this under the pictures, so I'll leave you with this....take care, be safe, and stay well!


  1. Commenting on my own blog! How funny! Picture at top needs to be the last one you see! The rest of them are in the right order. I'll keep you posted if anything develops from this effort,

  2. Good early Friday morning, Sister! Busy afternoon, and just now have time to check for a new blog post from you today. Please do let us know when you actually grow some peppers! In the meantime, stay well and take care of yourself. Love you!

  3. Hello Nellie, stay in isolation as long as you can! Stay safe, stay well. Deb in Wales

  4. Hi Nellie. We are staying in, too. This is truly a horrible time for all. Glad you and your hubs are okay. Susan

  5. Carol and I go out in the evening to walk the dogs, but we're careful. We don't get close to other walkers no matter how hard the dogs beg to stop for a butt sniff with their friends. Carol is 80 and has diabetes but she will be a tough bird to kill, thank God.


  6. I would never think of burying half a pepper to start a plant! How interesting!