Monday, June 1, 2020

A new month....

Rabbit, rabbit!  It's a new month, and summer is not far away!

This image comes from Susan Branch's calendar, the page for June 2020.  It has put me to remembering those days of June....and summer....from my childhood.

There was no library nearby during my growing up years.  Living as we did, right at the county line, we were about midway between two towns where their libraries were.  One was expected to access the public library located in their home county, and the nearest public library was eight miles away from where we lived.  In those days, most households had only one car, and Dad needed it to drive to the opposite direction of the library, and in the county where we didn't live.  In order to go to our county public library, we would have had to wait along the highway for a Trailways or Greyhound bus to come, then pay the fare to travel the eight miles, then hope we would be able to have that bus transportation to return home.  There were no bookmobiles serving the area where we lived, either, and the library of my elementary school (three miles away) was closed in the summer, of course.

I made up for that lack of library access in following years.  As a high school student, I volunteered in the high school library during my study hall period!  While a high school junior and senior, I worked two days a week after school in the county public library.  I continued that library work when I attended college, staying on campus to work fulltime in the summers.  After college graduation, I was employed as a member of the library staff, remaining there for a year before moving on to other employment.

It would have been a real delight to be able to spend hot summertime hours in a cool library!  Reading and books have always been great loves of mine!  I'm ready to take that glass of lemonade, pick up my book-of-the-moment (rereading Jan Karon's Mitford series currently), and head outside to find a shady spot!

My wish for you is that you take care of yourself, make safe choices, and stay well!  Follow social distancing guidelines!  Remember your mask!  Wash your hands!  If you don't feel well, contact a medical professional!


  1. Well, this library story is interesting, Nellie. I always loved reading, but my parents didn't bring us to the library, for some reason. But I guess we had enough books in the house, and in school I definitely used the library there. Now, working in a library, there are too many enticing books around me!

  2. I lived in a small town growing up and was lucky that we did have a library. It was a mile from home and I walked there often.
    We also had a library at school and had quite a good selection of books!!

  3. The only access I had to books growing up was during the school year also. I don't remember what I read during the Sumner months, my mother kept me pretty busy. I know I used to get Highlights magazine in the mail as well as a few others each month. But I have always loved to read. I have read the Mitford series several times, one of my favorites for sure.💖

  4. Sister, I also missed out on having a library nearby, but I remember books we owned as a family, like Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. I would read those over and over! Later on, I'd ride that Trailways bus into Knoxville, climb the hill to the library, find a table near the encyclopedias, then get one from the shelf and just read it from the beginning. Ahhhh.....memories! Enjoy your reading, stay safe, and take care of yourself! Love you!

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