Saturday, June 27, 2020

On the menu....

This is Day 107 for us to follow a stay home policy.  We have been out only for curbside pickup, the bank drive through, and prescription drive through.  What had been our usual routine has been altered as we have been safe at home.

Sundays had found us in the car making that trip to church for Sunday School and worship.  Since Sunday, March 15, we have worshiped online at our church website and "attended" Sunday School through a webinar feature established by our Sunday School teacher.

In an effort to give a bit of variety in what has become our new routine, I have been preparing "Sunday dinner" for lunch on Sunday, and we eat in the dining room.  This is a break in what may sometimes tend to feel monotonous, and we will have leftovers that are good to have around the following week.

This week, on Sunday's menu is lasagna with an iceberg wedge salad.  I assembled it today, and it is refrigerated until time for baking tomorrow.

I believe I will let this be the beginning of "Italian Week!"  Of course, that will include pizza!;-)

Is there anything different that you are doing during this unprecedented time?  Are you staying home?  Are you taking care of things as you usually do?  Are you taking any special precautions?

New U.S. Coronavirus cases have broken a record, according to the news that just came across my news feed.  This is a long way from being over!

Take care of yourself!  Be safe!  Wear a mask!  Stay well!  Check on your neighbors!  Encourage them to be tested if they aren't feeling well!  Be thankful for something in each day!  Be good to yourself!

I will try to remember to take a picture of the plate when this is served.  You may see it on Monday!

Blessings to you!


  1. You are very organized at preparing your Sunday dinner ahead of time. It looks delicious even before it's ready to serve.

    I've been the solo singer in our church since it reopened. The choir is still not allowed but no one is near me so it is allowed that I sing. I prepare the music for Mass each week and the parishioners are very appreciative that there is music again even though we have no organist. We used to attend mass on Zoom. I have joined prayer groups on Zoom and I've become even more on fire for Jesus since the pandemic began.

    We are sure living in strange time and prayer seems to be a good idea.
    Enjoy your lasagna. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Nellie, This is so funny. You left a comment and I said something about your cooking, then I come by and you have posted about cooking. LOL. Love it. I have to distance or I would drop in for Sunday Lunch. LOL. Blessings to you sweet lady, xoxo, Susie

  3. That lasagna looks mighty tasty, Sister! As for doing things differently from before, I've made a few changes by becoming a delivery queen! Since my husband is in a nursing home, I eat alone, and I order delivery about once a week. I try to make my choices to last for several servings so I don't break the bank too painfully. My shopping has changed as well, but I'm doing fine so far. Just wearing a mask in public, washing my hands frequently, and staying home unless getting out is necessary. I am attending our church services since they resumed, and that's a total blessing! Take care of yourself up there. Love you!

  4. More power to those of us who have endured and maintained lockdown at home. Church services online are strange, and I always try to remember to take the phone off the hook too.

  5. I am mostly staying home. I do take walks in the neighborhood, of course with my mask, and have done errands in small groceries and the drugstore. The stores have good social distancing and people are wearing masks inside. Still not ready to take off my mask outside and eat at one of the restaurants. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes to keep wearing a mask and stay socially distant. It doesn't look as if we will have religious services in person for months. We have daily services and a lot of programs, so I feel very connected to the congregation. Take care and stay well!

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