Friday, November 6, 2020

Five on Friday....

 Has this week passed quickly for you, or have you felt like it has been extra long?  I feel like it hasn’t been a week since I posted last week’s list, and here it is....time to post for another Friday!

These are a few things that have brought me joy this week....

1). It’s true that Halloween 2020 is now behind us, though this barrel of happy pumpkins has made me smile for many weeks when out walking!  This is the happiest gathering of jack-o-lanterns I have ever seen!  In fact, their smiles really give a non-frightening response to that “BOO!!”  Message.

2)  Have you ever heard of Election Day Cake?  In my daily email is a message from Farmer’s Almanac, and a recipe for this cake was included earlier in the week.  I thought I would give it a try.  It’s a yeasty cake, with dried fruits and nuts, not like a usual cake.  This series of pictures will illustrate progress....
In the pan, ready for the second rise....
After the rise, and ready for the oven....

Out of the oven, and ready for a little sneaky glaze....

3)  We are fortunate to be able to witness some wonderful evening skies.  This one was a source of pleasure....

4)  It was a special pleasure when Country Girl was able to come to town for awhile!  We enjoyed a walk in an area with this backdrop....

What a great opportunity for some walking in a lovely area, masks and social distancing at work!

5)  Because we could all probably use a little Christmas about now, seeing this in the new issue of Yankee Magazine brought joy!
Susan Branch has been busy again!  This is a wonderful little book!

Just as I have been closing my posts during this pandemic, I once again leave you with the caution to observe wearing a mask, watching your distance from others, and washing your hands frequently!  Avoid large gatherings!  We’re in a very serious time!  Take care of yourself, and stay well!


  1. Oh, Sister! That cake looks scrumptious! I don't usually do well with yeast, but you've had great success with breads and such, so I'm sure this cake came out just perfect! I love all your pictures of this part of the country, too....such lovely sunrises and sunsets, and such a great opportunity for you and Country Girl to have a lovely walk together. I'm trying to stay safe, but I did go into a restaurant today for the first time in months. It wasn't too crowded, and the friend I met for lunch was wearing her mask until our food arrived, so I hope we practiced safe behavior. Stay safe and well. Love you!

  2. Never heard of election cake but it sure looks delicious.

  3. I saw a recipe for Election cake today but I didn't make it. It does look tasty.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I haven't heard of an Election Cake but I do know I love yeasted fruit cakes! A proper Bara Brith is yeasted, but hardly anyone makes them that way now. The skies are glorious, are they not?
    Stay safe and stay well, Deb

  5. Lovely colours in the evening sky.

    All the best Jan