Friday, November 20, 2020

For Friday....

 How are you doing, blog friends?  Are you staying well?  Has your state begun any new guidelines to help curb the spread of COVID?

Unfortunately, my county experienced record setting one-day totals for new cases, as well as deaths during this week.  I extend my sympathies to all those who have lost loved ones.

1)  The first thing that has brought pleasure this week is the announcement from Pfizer that a vaccine is near approval stage!  

2)  The second thing that has brought pleasure was the announcement by Moderna that they have an effective vaccine, also near approval stage!

3)  Although there have been some cool nights, we’ve had gorgeous weather!  These blue skies have brought me pleasure.

4)  Country Girl came for a short visit, and we enjoyed a walk in a nearby lakeside park.

 5)  Signs of the season are all around us.  Spied this sweet gum leaf, perfectly “doing its thing!”

The weekend is before us.  Do you have special plans?  How are you staying safe while still taking care of  usual routine?  

Take care, wear your mask, be safe, and stay well!


  1. Good evening, and Happy Friday, Sister! Since we now live in the same town, our reports are the same; however, I keep watching another nearby county, and their numbers aren't encouraging, either. :-( I continue to be amazed by those who refuse to wear a mask! Such a simple thing to do, and they're not expensive at all. No plans here for the weekend (except church on Sunday), just hoping our VOLS can pull out a win for a change. Love 'em, anyway, but so much nicer when they win! Have a lovely Friday evening. Love you!

  2. Hello Nellie! In my county, thankfully, we are not as bad as the rest of Wales. The Fire Break apparently worked, and while numbers still rise they are beginning to level off some. Groceries coming today, so that means disinfecting again. Just bobbing along now and taking each day as it comes.
    Hugs from Across The Pond, Deb xo

  3. Pretty blue skies.
    Our county is having record high Covid cases. It is worse now than it ever was.

  4. I love your positive outlook, Nellie. Keep your chin up and your mask on. My sympathies as well for all who lose loved ones to COVID-19. May the Lord help us in our search for a vaccine. Staying home to enjoy a scrumptious dinner with the hubby on Thanksgiving. Just the two of us, but we are blessed.

  5. Hi Nellie - Same here in PA, lots of new cases. We live in a 55+ Retirement Community in an apartment - and learned yesterday a couple in our building are positive. Scary - but everyone is being very careful. Just us two for Thanksgiving and I have to giggle at the little turkey breast I bought...such a difference from other years! Glad for the news about the vaccine and all the blessings we have - take care, test negative and stay positive!

  6. Nellie, thank you for this warm and encouraging post. I'm a bit tired at the moment, and it was just what I needed.

  7. We are having a spike in the number of cases in our local hospital I'm sad to report. Mask wearing and social distancing is imperative and mandated by our governor. Unfortunately some folks don't agree and refuse to follow the guidelines. I'm hopeful as you are about the vaccines in the wings. Take care of yourself, my friend.