Saturday, November 7, 2020

On the menu......

 We have had a busy day here.  It was good to begin it with this breakfast....

In my mission to focus on pumpkin, these Pumpkin Pancakes were a great choice!  Bacon!  Always great, too!

I’m relying on a lot of help from my favorite market for Sunday Lunch.  On the menu....chicken roll-ups, macaroni and cheese, roasted vegetables, and as always....dessert!  I’ll be back on Monday with details.

It continues to be vital that we follow those guidelines for protection from COVID-19.  Wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands!  Are you still wiping down your groceries?  Do you wipe down your counters daily?  Have you been out to eat, or do you opt for carry out?  Making wise choices about your activities will protect not only yourself, but also others.  Numbers are not going in a good direction in our country, and we need to be consistent in our efforts to ensure we stay healthy! 

Take care!  Be safe!  Stay well!


  1. Oh, Sister! I LOVE pumpkin pancakes! I like to mix some chopped pecans or walnuts in my batter, and bacon is always good! I'm perhaps not as careful as some people, but I do take sensible precautions when I'm out and about. My mask is always on (unless I'm eating), and I keep wipes with me to make sure my hands stay sanitary between washings. If I'm handling a shopping cart, those wipes come out and give the cart a good scrubbing wherever my hands will be touching it. Your lunch sounds wonderful, as always, and I can hardly wait to find out about your next scrumptious dessert! Take care, stay safe. Love you!

  2. Love the look of those pumpkin pancakes! I'd like mine with syrup or ice cream please.
    Here it's Hands Face Space. Yes, I am still washing my groceries and dreading winter deliveries now the weather is turning. My counters are wiped down, and I've taken to prepping raw veg on a china or glass plate that goes in the dishwasher. I continue to wash and gel my hands even if I have not been out. I have not eaten out, and now Eat Out To Help Out is being blamed for a hefty percentage of cases.
    You may have seen on Twitter where I said a friend stopped by with very sad news and due to lockdown we had to stand on the doorstep, socially distanced, sobbing. It was so hard.

    Stay safe and stay well!

  3. I never had pumpkin pancakes but they sound interesting. I have used squash instead of pumpkin in recipes and it was all good. We grow lots of squash for our church dinners but because of Covid-19, we sold all the squash as a fund raiser and the other day, I had to buy a squash at the grocery store because we had none left for ourselves, lol...

    Hugs, Julia

  4. I'm adding pumpkin pancakes to my list of goodies to make. I do go out, but I only eat outside. It's worked well so far and I'm keeping up the same habits. I've been buying groceries to have when the weather is less conducive to getting out/or I feel less comfortable grocery shopping.