Friday, December 9, 2022

A new series…

 A number of years ago, when the family was younger, we enjoyed watching “All Creatures Great and Small” on PBS.  We became quite interested in following the story of a Yorkshire (UK) veterinarian, James Herriot.  A side note…we’re enjoying the current version that is shown on our local PBS station during the early part of the year for several weeks…not nearly long enough!

We enjoyed reading the books from which the series was based.  Some years later, I was very excited to discover this children’s book…

The story of Mrs. Pickering was made quite interesting by the presence of her three Basset hounds and Debbie, a stray cat who came to visit a few times a week.

Ruth Brown is the illustrator, and she has drawn some lovely pictures of the English countryside.
Even the snow-covered town is especially appealing.
It seems that Mr. Herriot needed to make a call at Mrs. Pickering’s home on Christmas Day.  Debbie was there with a tiny kitten beside her.  It was apparent that Debbie wasn’t well, and she didn’t linger long.
Mrs. Pickering named the kitten Buster, and the book tells of the energy he brought to the household with his efforts to involve those Bassets in his games.  Buster was quite the gift for Christmas!

Speaking of which…as I compose this post, there are sixteen more days left before Christmas Day!  Be merry!


  1. Nellie, we both seem to have some beautiful books. I love this one today, a new illustrator to me! It's a terrifying thought that Christmas is all but upon us!

  2. I love the Herriot books and the new series. My daughter had The Christmas Day Kitten. I think my mother gave it to her.


  3. I love all of James Herriot books and I do have this one. :)

  4. What a lovely book, Nellie! Charming illustrations and a sweet story. I think the new series of "All Creatures Great and Small" returns in January. The old and the new series are favorites at our house.

  5. Well, Sister, James Herriot was a really conscientious veterinarian, who cared a great deal about the animals who were entrusted to his care. As I recall, he'd get up at all hours of the night when someone sent for him. I wonder how many doctors of any sort are that diligent and caring today...... I hope we have some good ones! Love you!

  6. How wonderful to find that Christmas edition of the James Herriot stories. What fun! And I have loved both the old series and now the new series. Both are so well done!

  7. Hi Nellie. Oh, I LOVE James Herriot. His writing is so lively and description. He writes and makes readers see what he's writing about. We have The Christmas Kitten as well as a couple more of his books. They are awesome.

  8. Love reading holiday books...thanks for sharing this one!

  9. What a wonderful, wonderful old book. I love James Herriot and he has certainly been delighting young and old alike with his writings/shows. Merry Christmas, Nellie. xo Diana