Monday, December 5, 2022

Books for the season…

 Jan Brett has long been a favorite author of mine.  She writes - and illustrates - books for children.  One of my favorite books for the season is one by her…The Wild Christmas Reindeer. 

The plot of the story is about Teeka who had been asked by Santa to prepare the reindeer for flying on Christmas Eve.
I fall in love with the illustrations the author creates for all her books.  These are especially beautiful.
Sure enough, Teeka was successful, though it was a challenging task to be sure all the reindeer understood their mission.
Not only does the author illustrate the main story she is writing, she also includes additional illustrations in the margins of the pages.  They tell another story.  In this book, it’s all about the elves busy in the workshop.

Everything is prepared by Christmas Eve, and Teeka is able to have a good night of slumber!

Only twenty more days until Christmas morning!


  1. What a lovely book and the illustrations are fantastic.

  2. I’ve always loved Jan Brett! I secretly wish I could live in a Jan Brett world! - Jenn

  3. Such adorable illustrations, Sister! I've always loved books that had pictures, and these look exceptional. Enjoy your reading. Love you!

  4. She's a favorite of mine, too. The season is racing by!

  5. What a lovely book. I can see why it's a favorite of yours.
    Happy December to you.

  6. What beautiful illustrations they are, indeed! I am currently doing a daily blog sharing my Advent calendar and some of my illustrated. Christmas books by favourite authors too. I do hope you share some more of your favourite illustrators.

  7. She is a favorite of mine, too! How wonderful to see her charming work again.