Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A southern "staple...."

.....would be this, found in many kitchens in the south - and probably elsewhere, too!

This edition is from 1987, and it has found many uses in our kitchen.

These have been some of our favorites.

In past years, Southern Living staff traveled around to various locations and held Cooking Schools.

Recipes were printed in booklets like this one.  

Does this show you what a popular choice this version of Rumaki has been? :-)

There was even a "Cookbook for Two" in 1981!  I hadn't had this one in my collection until I checked it out at the library and decided to try to find it for sale.  As you can see, I was successful in my search.

This has been well-received by The Husband!

Readers of this blog are in several locations in different areas of the country.  Is there a magazine or publication that is well-known for your region?

Hopefully you will go to monthsofediblecelebrations.blogspot.com today to see other entries for Cookbook Wednesday!


  1. looks like a wonderful book! The skillet cornbread sounds really good, Popular cookbooks in our area are the ones made from local businesses and schools or organizations. The local hospital puts out a great one we use often, its my go too.Mine is from the 70's, but there are newer ones,

  2. Our church woman's group have published two cookbooks and I was instrumental in getting this project started as a fund raiser. I have purchased many locally published cookbooks from many organizations in our area and the surrounding areas.

    Right now I have so many cook books that I can't find the recipes I'm looking for so now, I mark the ones I'm interested on the page at the back and make note in a book where I can find the recipe. I'm always on the look out for the best recipes in any categories probably just like you.

    Happy recipe hunting.

    1. Hi Julia,
      I hope you don't mind the intrusion. I was just reading a back issue of Dear Heloise where someone wrote in about how they were trying to find recipes they "starred" in their cookbooks. Her suggestion was to number her cookbooks, then make a note on a recipe card or index card the recipe title, number of the book, and the page.

      For instance, if she wanted a Brunch Casserol that served 12, she would note Brunch Egg Casserol, serves 12, page 25, Book #4 and files the card under Brunch Dishes. One card has any number of other Brunch ideas with pages and book numbers.

      As a cookbook collector and host of Cookbook Wednesdays, I am going to try it. Hope this helps, Louise

  3. I just love cookbooks. I love all of the great food that is in there.
    I have a list and I need to go though my cookbooks. I need to just get it done. Culling is never easy. :)

  4. I love your collection of cookbooks! I have many also, with recipes that my family has enjoyed for many decades, but my most favorite is the Wesson Oil cookbook that our dad ordered for 50 cents back in 1952, when salad oil first began to be used in cooking. Of course, I normally use Crisco oil these days, but those recipes are so simple to mix up, and it's hard for me to make a bad product from them! My poor edition is falling apart now from use, but I still go to it for several of our favorites. Thank you for sharing some of yours, Sister. Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Southern Living Cookbooks seem to never go out of style, Nellie. I LOVE them! I have quite a few of the annuals but I don't think I have that Cooking for Two. I may need to find it, soon!!!

    Thank you so much for joining Cookbook Wednesday, Nellie. It looks like you are all linked up now:)

  6. I think I have a Southern Living Cookbook in my collection! My southern daughter-in-law gave me a cookbook put out by her college in South Carolina; it's full of nice recipes. Regional cookbooks are fun.

  7. Nellie, those are great soup recipes. That is the way my mother fixed corn bread all her life...on the burner, not in the oven. Never was not done either. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Oh- Yes- I have that cookbook. It is one I love. Hope you are doing well- xo Diana

  9. You can sure tell that Rumaki was a favorite! This weather is lousy for being out in, but it has been a great time for soup. I've made several!

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  11. Ooops. I have the first one, same year, and also the one for the cooking school when the program was in Louisville many years ago. I love cookbooks and the first one here is one of my favorites. Thanks for the post and have a good week, Nellie!