Friday, January 9, 2015

Nature's birdfeeders....

Earlier - several months ago, actually - there were pictures of broom corn that I featured on the blog.  This was "volunteer" broom corn, or perhaps it was the plan of the birds to provide for themselves a source of food during some of the winter weather.  

These are not going to be outstanding pictures, but hopefully you will be able to see how that broom corn is serving the birds at this time.  

Are you able to see the cardinal perched on top of this broom corn?  I had to take the picture through the window in the door, and this is as close as I was able to stand.

There is another cardinal on the ground, also benefitting from some of the broom corn seed.  I wonder if there will be enough seed remaining for it to sow itself next growing season.

Have a great week-end!  Keep warm!


  1. An interesting plant. I'm glad the cardinal can eat the seed for food in the winter.

    A beautiful sunny clear day here. It's getting warmer at -9°C or15.8 °F.

  2. It looks lovely Nellie, I do like raising broom corn. It looks cold out there.

  3. Yes, I could see the cardinal. Sunny but cold here. 4 below zero this morning.

  4. I guess that cardinal knows that there's always something good to eat at your house! A bit warmer here today, but we're waiting awhile longer before going outside. I think we've become wimps in our old age! Have a super Saturday, Sister!

  5. I love seeing cardinals. They are so pretty. I leave my flower heads up during the worst of winter for the birds to feed on, besides all the feeders we have out for them. They are so pitiful , when they look cold and I sure do not want them to be hungry. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. I see the cardinals just fine and hope the seeds grow for them again next winter .
    From what every one is saying , I am having a heat wave down here . Between 30 degrees nights high as 48 degrees days . We are have freezing rain off and on and slick highways . Nee ;-D

  7. We haven't been seeing many birds the last couple of days Nellie but, I keep filling up the feeders and there are plenty of seeds on the flower heads so something is eating them, lol...

    How wonderful to see Cardinals this time of year. I was able to see both yours but haven't seen any here in months. Of course, it is unbearably cold outside. Iggy is visiting and he dislikes going out immensely, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie...Staying warm, you do the same:)

  8. Wow, how cool! It would not surprise me if this is how God provided for them!