Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Children in the kitchen - Cookbook Wednesday....

If any of you have had children, I think I would be safe to say that you had them helping you in the kitchen.  We recently enjoyed episodes of MasterChef Junior and were amazed at the knowledge possessed by all the children who were contestants.  I have no idea how they had their start in the kitchen, but this is a book that gave us some good ideas here.

With a copyright date of 1975, it is now 40 years old!

The Table of Contents gives a good idea of the kinds of things to expect.

I really like these pages:

If I followed the above illustrations, I'm sure I would have more storage room in my kitchen!:-)

These are healthy suggestions for snacking, though I'm not sure the Tomato Mush in the front of the tray would have been very popular with our own children.  Fruit and cheese were always a good choice, and the energy pickups were good - without the coconut.:-)

Of course, there are several cute approaches to food.

Quite a tasty "Friendly Dog Salad!"

Try the next one for the Fourth of July.

The scoop of cottage cheese in the center adds protein to the plate!

How did your children help you with cooking?


  1. Nellie, I love the dog and the watermelon salads. Those are cute enough a young child would even enjoy making them. I am all for healthy snacking, but must admit my girls had lots of little Debbie snack cakes in their school days. Apples slices are some of Emma's favorite healthy snacks. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. The dog is so cute!! My kids actually had no desire to help in the kitchen. They came around to lick the beaters. : )

  3. This looks like a really good book for teaching people what is important to have in the kitchen. My kitchen was so small that there was really no room for our kids to help out much, but they always knew how their favorite things were put together, and both have become excellent cooks in spite of me! :-) Hope your Wednesday is going well, Sister!

  4. I have this book, Nellie! The grandgirls love helping in the kitchen. I have one cookbook that is made for even younger children, too. xo Diana

  5. What a cute book! My kids rarely helped in the kitchen, because there were so many of them. But I did teach them to make themselves breakfast and lunch, so they wouldn't starve as adults.

  6. We never had such cook books when I was growing book. Guess this is why I am a rather average cook.

  7. I have permanent grooves on my lower cabinets from walkers in my kitchen when I was trying to prepare food. Always had a kid, or grandkid in there! My kids are excellent cooks, but they didn't get it from me! I spent more time on them, than I did on improving my cooking skills.

  8. Oh, yeah... two of my boys actually took home economics. They did it to be around the girls, but actually ended up learning a few things!

  9. My kids and my grandkids helped me make cookies, and other things in the kitchen. All my kids are amazing cooks, including my son.

    Betty Crocker has good cook books, I have two of them.

    I think getting the kids to help with the cooking is a great idea.

  10. I had this cookbook! At 8, my mom tasked me with Wednesday night suppers. This book was my guide, my inspiration, my best friend.... I'm not sure if I would embrace some of the recipes the same way now (ie polka dot pizzas) but there was loads of creativity for a kid. My 6 year old is anxiously awaiting her time to start making suppers so some variation is going to end up on my plate soon enough!