Monday, April 13, 2015

Remember this?

A few weeks ago, I shared with you about The Husband's "winter project."  He first replaced the carpet in the family room with hardwood, then he moved on to the living room.

You may remember when the floor looked like this....

...then forward progress gave us this!

Well, my "idea" of helping was to suggest built-ins along a slight recess in the wall.  I'm sure I could have kept my mouth shut, but that has never been a strength of mine.😊

So, hopefully this will show this process.  

The Husband built the frame to support these cabinets that form the base.

Then, we went about building the box that would become the frame work for the shelving unit on top.

This was very heavy, and we had to wait for "muscle" to arrive to help lift it on top.

With that done, we proceeded to put the shelves in place!

This is the trim we added for a bit of "dressiness."

All in use!

So we have a library/music room, and we have already been enjoying it!

There is a bit more to share, and that will happen another day.


  1. Wow is all I can say. It looks beautiful and really adds interest to the room. Your husband must be very proud of his job and you had a great idea. I have tons of great idea too that never see the light of day anymore. My husband used to make all my smart ideas come to life but as he ages, his interest wane, can't say that I blame him though.
    The wooden floor looks so much better that carpet.
    Enjoy your new library- music room.

  2. I just posted a comment but had forgotten to sign in so not sure it went through. So feel free to delete one if they both went through! I love this idea! It looks great. I'm going to show my Shug in case we find a place to do this in our own house. I can even see using it in the basement for nice storage. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Cindy Bee

  3. This is beautiful, and I'm sure you are both pleased with the outcome! It's a very professional-looking job! Have a terrific Tuesday, Sister, even if you might have to dodge a few raindrops! :-)

  4. It looks grand Nellie !
    Your husband did a fine job, with your help of course :)
    You can never have enough shelving, and I'm loving the color of your floor.

  5. Nellie, Kudos to your hard working husband and you. That unit looks wonderful I love it. I also love that piano too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. That is just lovely, it looks like it has always been there, What a great job!
    I am sure you are so excited. I too, have a problem with keeping my mouth shut too. It is nice to know I am not the only one. :) Have a lovely day.

  7. I have the perfect place for something just like that! Unfortunately, my hubby (who is great) isn't nearly as handy as yours and my Son, who is handy, has been spending all his time out of town. He's is even having some mail forwarded, so I suspect he isn't planning to return, at least any time soon.

  8. Oh... and your new addition looks GREAT!

  9. OMGOODNESS! That looks just wonderful! Hubby did a great job putting it all together and doing the flooring. It looks GREAT, Nellie! xo Diana

  10. Lovely room. I wish I had was as hard working ad patient... and had the home to do it.

  11. It looks great!! Lots of work but well worth it

  12. Hi Nellie...That looks fabulous! Your hubs is so talented. Nice job. Susan

  13. That is fantastic looking. Wow, I love it. Great job.

  14. Your shelving project is absolutely gorgeous! Look at all that storage space!...Lucky you, Nellie! :^)

  15. Oh, I *LOVE* this, Nellie! I just LOVE it! That looks amazing, and the fresh white paint too. I love all of it. And I see the set of Childcraft books on the shelf there too. Much-beloved in my home too. :) Great work!!!

  16. I love the bookcase. So lucky to have a space that utilizes this and fits so nicely. Love your room and you will have many many happy times in it.