Monday, August 17, 2020

Special times....

 August is a month that holds no special dates to celebrate already worked into the calendar.  Our family has made great progress in correcting that void!

This little Munchkin became fourteen on the 14th!  In a hurry to arrive, she came seven weeks early and spent three weeks in the NICU.  She has grown by leaps and bounds and has now passed her mother in height!  Happy birthday to Munchkin #2!

Earlier, in 1969, The Husband and I created our own special day in August when we became husband and wife on the 16th!  That was the motivation for preparing a special meal for Sunday Lunch.

And....yes, that pie survived intact until dessert time on Sunday!

You are probably able to see that the meringue did a bit of  “weeping.”  I have heard that it isn’t a good thing to make meringue on a rainy day.  Well, Saturday was sort of one big rainfall after the other!:-)  It was still a special treat for The Husband!

Someone has wondered what we do with “all that food!”  I’m a real believer in the “cook once, eat twice (or more)” policy.  For instance, the turkey breast from a couple of weeks ago reappeared in a pot pie along with the peas and carrots that were served for lunch that day, and the gravy helped create the sauce.  More of the turkey found its way atop a salad as well as in a sandwich.  

When we were dating, we sometimes ate at a place called The Roman Room.  The Husband liked to order a hot roast beef sandwich, so some of Sunday’s leftovers will reappear this week in that form for a memory reminder.  The roasted zucchini will find its way into a favorite vegetable soup!

Be sure to be diligent in following the recommendations for maintaining good health in this pandemic!  


  1. Oh, Sister! That precious little Munchkin has always been adorable, just like her sweet mom! I'm sure she had a most happy birthday, even with so many reasons to be careful this year. And, as for that special anniversary dinner you prepared, everything looks scrumptious! Any leftovers, I'm sure, will be devoured in whatever form they reappear. I'd ask you to email a serving to me, but that might make the internet awfully messy! LOL Happy Anniversary yesterday! Love you!

  2. Good for Munchkin! Your special dinner looks delicious and I really like your china and table setting with the candles! And the pie with the gorgeous meringue seems a perfect end of the meal treat. Leftovers--I'm with you on that and have done the same whenever possible; I'm lucky that Bill loves leftover meat and all! Take care

  3. Happy birthday to Munchkin and happy anniversary to you and The Husband.


  4. So glad your adorable Munchkin has grown up to celebrate a happy 14th birthday. Nellie your anniversary meal is lovely. Happy anniversary and may you be blessed with many more. And as I mentioned before the pie would never last for another day in our home. I always use leftovers like you. It would be a shame to waste food in my opinion. It's also fun to be creative with leftovers.

  5. Happy Birthday to Munchkin #2 and Happy Anniversary to you and The Husband. No idea why meringues weep, but they do, but taste just as good. As for your cook twice philosophy, I think so many foods taste even better for a second cooking, and I know we cannot abide waste.

  6. That meal looks really good.

  7. Happy anniversary to you and The Husband, Nellie! I also subscribe to the "cook once, eat twice or more" philosophy. It's the only way to go!