Monday, August 31, 2020

Lunch was served....

 It was another weekend that passed quickly for us!  What is it that seems to make the time speed along?

On Sunday, we enjoyed being able to “attend” our church service via online.  Unfortunately, there was a problem with Webinar, and our Sunday School class wasn’t able to “meet.”  

We are happy to have leftovers from this lunch that was served....

Oven-fried boneless pork chops with applesauce garnish, glazed carrots, and green pea salad!  Some of our favorites through the years! 

Dessert?  A Peach Pound Cake!  We enjoyed it plain, though a scoop of ice cream topped with caramel sauce sounds pretty good to me!

This is the last day of August!  Is it time for Pumpkin Spice at your house?


  1. Oh, Sister! Can you please email me some of your leftovers?!? LOL It all looks delicious, and that peach pound cake with your chosen toppings would be just what any wise doctor would order! I'm sure you've enjoyed your leftovers - I know I surely would! Have a peaceful afternoon. Love you!

  2. It all looks appetizing to me, especially the pound cake.
    Sorry about the webinar being unsuccessful because of some technical problems.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Peach Pound Cake with Caramel Sauce. Yes, Please!!!

    My church Sunday services have been off line now for three weeks, due to alleged technical issues with the sound. I have found an alternative, thankfully.

  4. I always enjoy having a virtual meal at your home, Nellie. What a great meal for Sunday. Happy September, my friend. xo