Friday, September 4, 2020

Five more on Friday....

 This week has brought us to the first Friday of a new month!  September already!  It’s time for that Friday list of things I love!

1)  I love these mountain views!

This is from a trip to Baltimore a few years ago, just at dusk.  It’s a trip I wouldn’t mind repeating, by the way.

2)  I love being able to grow some of our own food.

For a number of years, we had a sizable garden.  One summer I canned over 80 quarts of green beans!  We’ve really scaled back the past few years, and this summer we had a very small round spot (once served as the sandbox for the grandchildren) in which we planted two “hills” of potatoes that had sprouted in our pantry and a couple of tomato plants.  This week, we dug the potatoes and were very surprised to see how nicely they had produced!  We have about five pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes from those two hills!

3)  I love Downton Abbey!

 Just before the virus became an issue, and staying home became our policy, we toured the Downton Abbey exhibit at Biltmore.  Can’t you just picture all the characters seated at this table?  It appears that there might be room for an unexpected guest.:-)

4)  I love cats!

This is our “grandcat,” Sugar!  On this particular visit, she was brave enough to practice social distancing before that became a thing.  Subsequent visits, however, have found her retreating to her favorite hiding spot under the bed.

5)  I love to visit historical sites.

This is Plymouth Rock, on display (and hopefully protected from those who might think it cute to vandalize it) in Plymouth, MA.  We first visited this site in the late 90’s, and then again last August.

Well, that does it for this edition.  I hope your week has been good for you, though still very different, I’d imagine.  We are heading into a three-day weekend.  Have you been able to make special plans?

My hope for you is that you are able to be safe and stay well!


  1. Wow, 80 quarts of beens is a lot of beans. Do you processed them in a pressure cooker? I don't have a pressure cooker so I had to freeze most of them but I did get a lot of hot pickled beans.
    The beans did better than all the other vegetables this year and I'm still picking.

    That table setting is very classy and fancy. All it needs is your fancy meal... I never even watched a single episode of Dalton Abbey when it came on TV a few years ago.

    Enjoy the long weekend. It's a long weekend here in Canada also.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oh, Sister! Do you know how much I miss those gorgeous mountain views?!? Some people would love to live where I do, three blocks from the beach, but I'm a mountain gal at heart, always have been and probably always will be. Congrats on producing such a good crop of potatoes! I think that's one of the most versatile of all the veggies, and I can't think of any way I don't like them. Like Julia, I've never watched the first episode of Downton Abbey, either, although most of my friends and other family members wouldn't miss it! Sugar is adorable! You know how much I love kitties! Last night, as I looked out the window before bedtime, there was a HUGE cat walking by - very pretty, white with yellow splotches here and there. It surely belongs to someone nearby, because it obviously hadn't missed many meals! LOL I have no Labor Day plans, just staying home and enjoying the a/c, looking forward to a slight cooling trend next week. Be safe and take care of yourself! Love you!

  3. My goodness! I don't know what I would do with eight quarts of beans, never mind eighty! I love Downton Abbey too, and recently it was shown again, every weekday evening, so my time was planned around that even though I have the dvd set. I hope the Plymouth Rock has enough protection, it's a bit like Stonehenge in it's way, unique and irreplaceable.

  4. Lovely blog post, Nellie. A good reminder that all around us (some near, some far) are treasures to enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow that sure is a lot of beans!!
    We watched DA when it was first on PBS at 9:00 on Sunday night. We were hurrying home after church and going a bit too fast and got stopped by a policeman. He was nice and just gave us a warning.

  6. Wow, Nellie, you really did a lot of canning that year! I'm glad to hear your potatoes did well this year. I'd love to have a vegetable garden, but sadly we don't have enough sun for one.
    I remember visiting Plymouth Rock years ago and it didn't have a cage around it. The times surely call for protection.
    Have a nice Sunday, my friend. xo