Friday, October 25, 2013

When the weather turns colder.... is a good time for this:

Reading a book, and a hot cup of coffee in that Loveless mug!

Many of  you will recall my mentioning that I serve my Conference United Methodist Women as Secretary of Program Resources.  My major responsibility with this office is promoting the reading program.  Each year, there is a new list of books to choose from for participating in this reading program.

There are five categories - Nurturing for Community, Educating for Mission, Spiritual Growth, Social Action, and Leadership Development.  The book pictured is from the 2013 list for Leadership Development. 

Deborah M. Kolb, Judith Williams, and Carol Frohlinger have written a book that is an outstanding resource for women who are taking the step into senior leadership positions.  Anyone in this role will learn from the insights in this book.  You may be able to read these words on the cover: "A Woman's Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success."

We have had some colder-than-usual weather here, but not any of the snow flurries that some of you have mentioned.  Before the week-end is over, we are predicted to have our first below-freezing low temperatures for the season.  It will definitely be a cold time for outdoor activities, and the Komen Race for the Cure is scheduled for Saturday!   Do you have some special week-end plans?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. That book looks really good, and I'm sure you'll get some helpful hints to handle any challenges you may face in this position. Yep, it is cold this morning, but we're blessed to have electricity and a good heater in the car! No special weekend plans, just hope to stay out of trouble! Have a great day, Sister! :-)

  2. I also belong to a leadership group and enjoy every moment of it. We do outreaches to those that need it and try to help them in different areas of life- family, friends, finances, etc. It really is life changing.

    Hope you have a wonderful day- we did get a spit of snow yesterday but it didn't hang around- xo Diana

  3. It was 28 here this morning and I loved it!! We even had some flurries last night :)

  4. Nellie, I think some nice coffees and good books is the perfect answer to this cold weather. Blessings to you and yours this weekend. xoxo,Susie

  5. Ooooh! We don't have that kind of cold, yet, but I'm sure enjoying the cooler weather. Stay warm!

  6. Is that the cafe in Nashville?

    I'm thinking of testing my dehydrator this weekend and making a pot of butternut squash soup. I'm going to have dinner with work friends tomorrow night and I've got a slew of thank you notes to write. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Nellie , the weather is getting a chill down here also , now my biggest challenge is getting my slow cookers and kettle out for some serious cooking . thanks for the visit and here's hoping your finger continues ot heal , thanks for sharing :)

  8. My weekend plans is getting up at the crack of dawn and work at the farm and then come home and have breakfast and then cook a hot meal for the mens who works on the farm and then work back at the farm fall clean up, outside in the cool fresh air.

    Not very exciting but the cleanup around the many buildings is progressing slowly as it's MY project. Everyone else is working on something else.

    I have worked in leadership roles for many years and now I'm devoting myself to the farm and family and that's enough for this aging gal.
    Enjoy your book Nellie.